A wise man will never ask for the rest of his life.
A wise man will never ask for the rest of his life.
To live well in this life, without asking the afterlife, is the highest way to live.


as the saying goes, "there is nothing in the world."

many troubles in life are imposed on themselves.

since you have come, you will be at ease. You don't have to struggle to live, but you want to be at ease.

Smart people, all their lives, don't ask!

fate, don't ask the ending

Dong Qing said:

"in a sense, everything in the world is met.

when there is warmth in the cold, there is rain; when winter meets spring, there is time.

when heaven meets earth, there is eternity; when people meet people, they have life. "

every time we meet and part, we are separated by cause and effect and coincide with the meeting.

when fate comes, no one can stop it; when fate is gone, no one can stay.

impermanence and cause and effect, come and go, gather and scatter, everything is predestined.

Karma is self-adaptive, comfortable with the circumstances, regret or remorse, are all made by providence.

from now on, the best way to live is to cherish fate without asking for the result or the end.

work hard, regardless of reward

Sanmao said, "what you deliberately look for is often impossible to find. Everything in the world comes and goes in time."

there is no one in the world whose life is plain sailing and perfect.

some things, not hard work will be rewarded; some people, can not give in exchange for sincerity.

if you cling to one thing for too long, your body is tired; if you cling to a relationship for too long, your heart is tired.

is yours, after all, it's yours, not yours, and you can't get it no matter how hard you force it.

all we can do is to work hard on the cause and follow the fate.

about effort, about giving, do not want to be satisfactory, just want to be worthy of your heart.

as people often say, since we have chosen the distance, we only care about both wind and rain.

slowly you will find that the things in the world are less lucky when everything goes well, and more surprises that come naturally.

parting, regardless of the date of return

Li Shutong said: "Life is rarely a happy gathering, only a lot of parting."

the more you grow up, the more you understand: getting together is an accident, and parting is the norm.

there is no feast in the world that does not end, and there is no bitter parting in life.

No matter how close the relationship is, you can only stay with you for a while, and few people can stay with you for a lifetime.

even if you meet a lover with a white head, there will always be one person to leave first.

when you leave, it is better to say good-bye to each other; when you say goodbye, it is better to smile and bless.

regardless of the time of return, regardless of the day and night, come and go at will, far and near at will, closeness and closeness.

I will be glad if you come, and I will cherish you if you leave, which is the most comfortable relationship.

Friends, regardless of origin

Wenzhong Li Yue says:

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"intersect interests, do the best, disperse; intersect with potential, and lose by potential; intersect with power, lose power; intersect with emotion, break with emotion; only when you intersect with your heart, you can be long-lasting."

when you make friends, you don't pay attention to your background, but to exchange your heart for your heart.

everyone gets together because of fate, respecting talent, loyal to character, and longer than sincerity.

I rise to the top, you do not cling to it; you go well with the wind, I am not jealous.

I am poor, you do not leave; you fall into the trough, I do not laugh.

between each other, there is no hypocrisy, only sincerity, no contempt, only respect.

as the saying goes, "time knows people, but it is difficult to know their hearts."

between good friends, they don't ask about their origins, but whether they are true or not.

after all, false friendship is everywhere, but sincere friends are hard to find.

two or three true friends are better than thousands of nodding acquaintances, and cherish them.

family affairs, don't ask right or wrong

everyone has different origins and experiences, and their perceptions of the three values are also different.

if you have to fight for right or wrong in everything, you will only win and lose your feelings.

you know, home is not a place to be reasonable, but a haven to talk about love.

people who are really smart never regard their family as a "debate field".

what is more important than right or wrong is that you understand me, I tolerate you and get along well with each other.

instead of arguing endlessly, learn to understand and be grateful.

give way to small things, big things take a step back, do not quarrel, do not care, can be warm and harmonious.

in this life, don't ask the afterlife

Yu Guangzhong once said, "the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world."

in this life, there is only a lifetime to live, and it is impossible to start over.

full calculation, but in a hurry for a hundred years, more than 30,000 days, the time is really not long.

A lot of things, many people, no matter how sorry we are, we can't go back.

the days to come are not worth the impermanence of the world.

the debt owed in this life may not have the opportunity to repay in the afterlife.

so don't waste time while you are still young; cherish it while time is not old.

cherish your feelings, don't fail; cherish your time, don't squander it;

cherish your health, don't overdraw; cherish your life, don't waste it.

, living a good life, regardless of the afterlife, is the highest.A level of living.