A photo of girls in Tsinghua University "showing off their wealth" was exposed: sorry, I am only a low-equipped life.
A photo of girls in Tsinghua University "showing off their wealth" was exposed: sorry, I am only a low-equipped life.
There is no special talent, excellent people are climbing over mountains and mountains.

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A photo was brushed on the Internet some time ago.

the girl in the photo has a sweet smile and fashionable clothes, and the most conspicuous is the canvas bag printed with "Tsinghua University".

many netizens lamented that no matter how expensive clothes and jewelry were in front of this bag, they were overshadowed.

after all, what brand is more enviable than the halo of a famous school?

studying in Tsinghua not only means that you are high achiever of high achiever, but also means that you enjoy the best resources.

the people you come into contact with every day are academic bulls from all walks of life, and the libraries, dormitories and canteens you often visit have excellent facilities.

in the past year alone, Tsinghua designed the "Xue Ruyi" and "Xuefei" of the Winter Olympic Games, held the 10th World Peace Forum, and two alumni were selected as "moving China" person of the year.

it is just a pity that a large number of people in real life, either living a muddling along or pursuing some of the "success" expected by others, find it difficult to live the life they really want.

Don't ruin your whole life because of "low configuration"

I once saw a question on the Internet: "what are the reasons you didn't understand until you were 30?"

A highly praised answer is: "the low configuration you have chosen will make you pay the price you deserve in the future."

many people have low requirements for themselves, have no plans for the future, and always like to use the "Buddhist system" as an excuse for laziness.

only when he was slapped in the face by reality did he regret it.


@ caught a bad thing

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, once shared his experience on Douban.

she resigned naked in January last year in Beijing.

in the first few months, she had no demands on herself. She woke up naturally in the morning, stayed up until the middle of the night, and often asked her friends to party.

by chance, she met her boyfriend, and the two were happy to eat, drink and play every day.

however, the over-reliance on her boyfriend also makes her pay less attention to her career.

it wasn't until her boyfriend broke up with her that she realized that she had no income, no savings, and that her life was on the verge of collapse.

in order to find a job, she has sent out hundreds of resumes since August last year.

I thought she was a graduate student and should be very popular in the job market, but because she had been waiting for a job for too long and had no special skills, no company dared to use her.

in the post, the netizen said with great regret:

"now, my state of mind has changed from initial relaxation and precipitation to anxiety, confusion and self-remorse.

I am deeply aware that if freedom cannot be accompanied by self-discipline, and if love cannot be accompanied by independence, then no matter how much freedom is a yoke, no matter how much love is an illusion. "

makes people sigh.

there is a famous concept in psychology called "tunnel vision".

walking in the tunnel, all we can see is a very narrow field of vision before and after.

just like a person, if he is confined to the present and wants to have fun, the road under his feet will become narrower and narrower.

when I am alive, I am not afraid of temporary frustration, but I am afraid of muddling along.

Don't think that you can rely on others for a lifetime. No matter how good your backer is, you are not as reliable as you have the strength to come.

Life is like a mirror, how you perfunctory it, how it perfunctory you.

instead of indulging in pleasure, it is better to strive for upward growth and reap a high quality of life.

otherwise, you will only trap yourself in a third of an acre of land and ruin your future.

pursuing high configuration is the best way to enrich yourself

Economist he Fan once mentioned the concept of "surviving dividend".

means that although all people are doing the same thing, the vast majority of people are muddling along.

and as long as you are more serious and work harder, you can outperform them and enjoy the bonus.

when we are alive, we may not be able to determine our own starting point, but we can create a turning point in our destiny by improving ourselves.

recently, a takeout boy in Qingdao, Shandong Province, went on a hot search.

according to onlookers, he prepares for the law exam in the library every day, usually delivering meals in the morning and then delivering meals in the evening.

it is understood that the elder brother failed the self-taught law exam twice before, and this year is the third time that he has signed up.

talking about why you want to study law, he said:

"I want to change myself, and I am also interested in law. Even if I learn a book this year, I think I have something to gain."

many people are encouraged by my brother's experience.

A number of law firms in Qingdao even issued an invitation to welcome him ashore for an internship.

think of what was said in attitude:

"anyone who wants to change mustPeople who will break out of their comfort zone and face challenges beyond the reach of ordinary people, who can withstand this pressure, will become superior people. "

far-sighted people will not be easily satisfied with the status quo. They pursue higher goals and seek transcendence while struggling to grow.

there are many opportunities for ordinary people in this era, so don't miss out on the immediate dividend because of laziness.

take more exams of this certificate, and you will be able to get the position you want.

learn more skills and you can open up a new way out in life.

the good luck in this world has always favored those who are excellent and hard-working.

A little more planning for the future and more demands on yourself can improve the quality of life and meet a better future.

Please live a "high-end life" for the rest of your life

Zweig said a meaningful sentence:

"it is only a young idea to regard accident and fate as the same. After a long time, you will naturally find that the trajectory of life is caused by yourself."

I think so.

the ultimate trend of life is often the cause and effect planted by oneself.

if you want to rewrite your destiny and live a "high-configuration" life, you often can't do without these three points.

No limit

Dong Qing once said:

"I think the meaning of life is to develop rather than stick to it. At any time, we should not lose the courage to move forward."

in many cases, it is not the existing situation, but the mental shackles that prevent us from getting better.

or because of fear of difficulties, stand still in place;

or because of age, set your own limits.

however, the consequence of staying in the comfort zone is often eliminated by the changing times, and more and more make do with it.

bravely break through yourself, expand the boundaries of life, you will harvest more wonderful.

less slack

A magazine once conducted a questionnaire survey on people over the age of 60 across the country. The question was: "what do you regret last?"

as many as 92% of people regret that they were young and did not work hard enough, resulting in nothing in their old age.

No matter how many medicine for regret, you can't go back in time.

the laziness that has been stolen in those years will eventually become an irreparable regret in the years.

Life has been in a hurry for decades, everyone's today is paying for yesterday, and everyone's tomorrow will also pay for today.

from now on, don't waste time because you are addicted to pleasure, and don't be discouraged by temporary setbacks.

overcome inner laziness and work hard in a down-to-earth manner so that you can realize the meaning of life little by little.

often promote

writer Liu Run once mentioned a "March 8 theory" in his article:

A person's day can be divided into three eight hours, of which the first eight hours everyone is working and the second eight hours everyone is sleeping.

the only thing that can open the gap is the third eight hours.

if you can set aside 2 to 4 hours of leisure time every day for reading and study, then you will spend more than one month more than others every year to improve yourself.

the secret of a person's growth is to maintain the habit of self-appreciation, continuous effort and lasting success.

Sun Gong has no end, and his contribution is endless.

through accumulated efforts, you will eventually achieve a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change, which is beyond the reach of others.

Zhang Wentian said a famous saying:

"the ideal of life is for the ideal life."

We come to the world, and everyone has a hot ideal.

the soul who pursues "high configuration" and strives to live up to what he wants to be can live up to the long years.

No limits, less laziness, and often promotion.

be willing to take the time to plan the future and cultivate yourself so that you can jump out of your limitations and live better and better.

as the saying goes:

"there is no talent. Excellent people are all climbing over mountains."

, climb the mountains and meet a farther and more beautiful scenery.