A person's greatest happiness is not a house, not a car, but.
A person's greatest happiness is not a house, not a car, but.
A beautiful family is the source of all happiness and luck.

the world thinks that fame and wealth is a person's greatest blessing.

do not realize that no matter how talented one is, no matter how rich he is, no matter how high he is, his family relationship is not harmonious, and his life is sad.

in the final analysis, there are only two things in life: one is to be a man, and the other is to do things.

A person who is responsible for his family is the greatest spiritual cultivation, while doing his best to his family is the best way to cultivate happiness.

filial piety to parents, the blessing of life

filial piety to parents is the first blessing in the world.

in fact, parents are the ones who can protect you on the way to life.

be filial to your parents and spend your whole life.

in ancient times, Yao was old and wanted to find someone to succeed to the throne, so he heard the story of Shun.

Shun has a confused father, a cruel stepmother and a domineering brother.

his family is cruel to him, but he has always been filial to his parents, kind to his younger brother, and handled his family affairs properly.

Yao appreciated Shun so much that he asked his two daughters to marry Shun, gave him a lot of cattle and sheep, and built a granary for him.

Shun's family was so jealous that they set him up again and again.

they asked Shun to repair the top of the granary, then took the ladder and set it on fire.

Shun jumped down like a bird's wings with the two helmets he had brought with him in his hands, safe and sound.

they also asked Shun to clean the well, and when Shun went down to the bottom of the well, he threw earth and stones to fill the well.

Shun had already dug a hole underground, drilled it out, and went home safely.

when Shun's father found him, it seemed that nothing had happened to him.

there is a saying in Di Zi Gui: "Dear me, filial piety is not difficult, hate me, Xiaofangxian."

it is easy to show filial piety to those who love you, but to those who hate you, you should become a sage.

in the end, Shun won the trust of the whole family by putting filial piety first, kindness first, and wisdom first.

people also praised Shun as a man of outstanding virtue.

so Yao gave up the seat of leader to Shun.

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Confucius said: "filial piety is to serve relatives, obedience to obedience, mistakes all over the world, nothing can be done."

means that filial piety to parents is not impossible anywhere.

have parents at heart, filial piety to parents, life will not be too bad, full of benevolence.

because he has already planted the seed of quality and the root of morality in his heart, he will always be kind in dealing with others, and even "take care of the old, the young and the young".

having parents in heart is the foundation and blessing of one's life.

loyal lover, the blessing of virtue

there is a poem in Li Zhiyi's "I live at the head of the Yangtze River": don't you see every day? drink the Yangtze River together.

A thousand people have a thousand ways of saying "love".

but there is one kind of love that is the most extravagant, that is, putting virtue first and being loyal to each other.

"would like to win the heart of one person, white heads will not be separated." This is a heartfelt remark from Zhuo Wenjun, a talented woman in the Western Han Dynasty, and it also explains her deep affection for Sima Xiangru.

at the Zhuo family banquet, Sima Xiangru, who had long admired Zhuo Wenjun, fell in love with Zhuo Wenjun at first sight with a piece of music "the Phoenix seeks the Phoenix".

however, this extraordinary fate caused the Zhuo family to obstruct it in every way, and Zhuo Wenjun, who was loyal to love, could only elope with Sima Xiangru.

although life is hard, I am determined to be together forever.

emotional world, do not forget the original ideal and ambition is a great talent, but also a blessing.

later, Sima Xiangru embarked on an official career, and when he was like a fish in water, he met a new lover.

at that time, he had not returned home for more than ten years, and Zhuo Wenjun was drifting away in his heart.

so he wrote a letter to Zhuo Wenjun: "1234567890 million."

Zhuo Wenjun was heartbroken after reading this 13-word letter with the word "billion" missing, which clearly showed that he had no intention to himself.

I hope my lover can come back as soon as possible, but it is in vain.

Zhuo Wenjun was so sad that he replied with a poem of grievances, expressing his feelings of love and hate, missing him especially deeply, but helplessly.

after reading the letter, Sima Xiangru was so ashamed that he had no second thoughts ever since.

there is a saying in Zengguang Xianwen: "We can build the same ferry in a hundred years and sleep together in a thousand years."

in a multitude of worlds, it is a gift to know each other, and it is even more blessed to love each other.

Love begins with appearance and ends with character.

people who choose to betray are often not because of ruthlessness, but because of immorality.

in this world, all love disappears with the wind one day, but only the inner quality lasts forever.

Marriage is a spiritual practice. If you cultivate good intentions and virtue, you will end up forever and be full of happiness.

be kind to children and be kind to them.

there is a line for "finding you":

"parents should thank their children because they have experienced that kind of selfless love, continue to grow, and become more brave, firm and strong at heart."

most of the time, it is the weakness of the child that makes us strong, constantly gives us the energy to start again, and indestructible spirit.

like gymnast Chusoweigina, after winning the Olympic championship at the age of 17, she decided to get married and have children and retired to become an ordinary person.

but life is impermanent, and life is always uncertain.

when she learned that her young son had been diagnosed with leukemia, even if she sold all her possessionsUnable to afford the high cost of treatment, she decided to make a comeback for the only purpose of using gymnastics to make money to save the children.

she participated in the Olympic Games six times and participated in all the women's events in one tournament.

as long as there is love and hope in the heart, no matter how bitter or tired it is, it will become a force for good growth.

she becomes high-spirited, inspires her full potential and becomes a dazzling star that attracts worldwide attention.

at the age of 41, when she participated in the Olympic Games for the seventh time, she chose the most difficult action and made a mistake.

although he didn't win the gold medal, he got the warmest applause in the audience.

even if the wind blows, the beloved son will not give up.

sometimes we work hard all our lives, and we are happy all our lives, just because of our children.

"Yu Gong moved away from the Mountain" said: "although I die, there is a son."

Human beings abide by the same continuous line and live on, which is the law given by nature.

in fact, there are only a few years when children really need to be intimate with adults.

is these few years, and it is the emotional background of children's trust and dependence on us for a lifetime.

Children are never a burden. With children, there are more opportunities in life, which has become the driving force for us to overcome ups and downs and a strong support for us to overcome setbacks.

be kind to your children, you will be happy from the bottom of your heart; be proud of your son, and you will reap heartfelt joy.

A beautiful family is the source of all happiness and luck.

for a long time, home is also a place for us to see heaven and earth, sentient beings and our own monastery.

A person's greatest blessing is to live a happy life, to be filial to his parents, to be kind to his children, and to be loyal to his lover.

May you meet the sunshine as soon as you go out every day, be happy all the way, and live a life of great happiness and wealth.