A person's greatest ability is to endure.
A person's greatest ability is to endure.
Your life will not go well all the time, and you may encounter the darkest moment of your life around the corner.

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A lot of things happen in one's life.

there are some of your highlights and some of your darkest moments, but there is always something you need to go through to get something.

and when a person has the true ability to "endure", he will grow an anti-fragile ability to resist the uncertainty of the world and bring meaning to life.

behind the success of things, there are all the hardships that have been experienced

"success is achieved",

Haruki Murakami opened a small jazz shop before he became a novelist.

although he is doing what he likes, he is heavily in debt and it is quite difficult to pay off the debt.

because there is no heating equipment, I have to hug a few kittens at home to sleep and keep each other warm on a cold night.

later, when he had the idea of writing a novel, Murakami had to go into the back of the bar to prepare cocktails and cook dishes, in addition to keeping accounts and checking purchases every day.

after the shop closed in the middle of the night, he returned home and sat at the kitchen table writing until he was drowsy.

this kind of life lasted for nearly three years, but I spent the hard time without distractions.

in this process, Haruki Murakami lived twice as long as ordinary people, honed his writing skills and abilities, and was recognized by professional awards.

and Murakami looked back on that period of time in the article and said:

"in retrospect, I have become a little stronger than before, and I seem to have gained some wisdom.

so I would like to tell you that although it is very difficult at the moment, this experience may bear fruit in the future. "

in the face of other people's achievements, we often only see his dazzling light, but it is easy to miss the soul who tries to accumulate silently under the cover of brilliance.

and those obvious so-called achievements are often marked with the days they have been through.

it's like some actors look good and live a fine life in public, but if you know that TA has just stayed up late to shoot, you will understand that behind all the glamour, there are unknown hardships.

the world is always energy conserved. You need to give something equivalent in exchange for what you want.

and those who get through the day and night, those who do not let go of their own bang, is the bargaining chip that you can hold in the palm of your hand.

suffering is concentration and persistence

if you have cooked porridge, you should know that it takes time to precipitate from raw rice with water to a good pot of porridge at last.

so, unlike other efforts, "suffering" is not an instant action, but a process of continuous effort.

it's creeping along gradually, with a little challenge, which doesn't sound like an easy task.

Lu Yu once gave a speech called "the coming of the Future" at Fujian normal University.

she said that she had interviewed many guests and found that there were several keywords that everyone seemed to have mentioned, and the first word she could think of was "persistence."

before Luyu went to Shanghai to interview several contestants who had just won the e-sports championship, they all said:

at the beginning of their career, they all have to withstand tremendous pressure. Classmates, friends, teachers, and parents may not understand and are not optimistic, but they just insist on training in the eyes of all kinds of doubts.

at first, it may be love and desire that drives everyone to stick to it, but is it long enough to last that long? No one knows.

and no matter how much you love, training the same technology for the same project for more than ten hours every day is boring and hard, but they only have one idea--

"I will try my best to run forward, to the front as far as possible, and to leave others far away, otherwise if I am not careful, there will be a younger genius to take my place."

they are persisting in training, training attentively, and this is what they love in time.

simply try to stick to it, which is not an ordeal, because you are just passing the time at will and have no value in your life.

however, if you add focus to persistence, you are actively creating value for your life, and that's what time is all about.

in fact, there is a conversion process between the process and the result, and it becomes a process when you pull the result closer and close enough.

if the result can be achieved in three or five years, it will be separated from the process. At this time, if you focus all on the result, you will not be able to take steps or enjoy the process.

however, if you cut the result small enough, the process and the result are all the same.

therefore, suffering is also fastidious.

instead of living blindly, you focus on small goals right now, stick to your actions, and focus on building a system of capabilities, and then you will eventually get through time and achieve results.

the essence of "suffering" in life is persistence and concentration.

in life, where there is some value of the results, often will not be so easy to show, you have to slowly endure, slowly understand, feel the meaning of life bit by bit.

working out meaning is the doomed task of life

in a person's life, there will be many things that we need to go through slowly.

maybe it's the fact that the child grows up, you have to accompany him every day, pay attention to him, love him, you have to put up with his moodiness, you need to let go of your high expectations, and you have to calm the upsurge in your heart.

maybe it's a matter of career development, you need to continue to improve your ability, you need to know how to work with colleagues for a long time, you need to be able to have a good relationship with clients, and you need to balance your family and life.

maybe it's about self-fulfillment. You have to try to understand yourself, to know yourself, to explore your inner true value needs, to break through your limits, and to manage your life.

these states, these actions, is to endure, survive the present, survive our lives, the most important thing is to believe that you will eventually survive the meaning of life, this difficult process will eventually pass.

Shi Yue, the author of those things in the Ming Dynasty, was just an unknown worker before his work became popular.

many people envy him for his simple fame and easy money, but they do not realize that behind this is his accumulation of more than ten years.

after work, other colleagues gossip and hang out in mahjong bars, but he spends his time writing hard in front of the computer after work.

Shi Yue once said:

"people who are more talented than me do not work as hard as I do. People who work harder than me are not as talented as me. There is no one who is more talented than me and works harder than me. "

the winner who laughs at the end often endures.

writer Lian Yue once said:

"this is the case for everyone who has a slight expectation of their own life, and they all need to endure. This hard work is doomed to bear, so is the happy child, and so is the unfortunate child, but everyone has a different path."

your life will not go well all the time, and you are likely to encounter the darkest moments of life around the corner.

but you have to know how to get through those frustrating days, you have to hang in there and work out the meaning step by step, and this is the preordained task of life.

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some people say: "what comes out of hardship is life, what is boiled out is the day, and what is forced out is life."

that's what life is all about:

Life is never easy, what kind of pain and struggle you go through in life, what kind of you you finally become.

and the process of suffering is the process of discovering the meaning of life.

some people want a good job, but not everyone can stand long hours and endless meetings.

some people want a perfect figure, but not everyone is willing to insist on boring squats and strength training that makes people hoarse.

some people want to speak appropriately, but not everyone is willing to listen quietly and express themselves without judgment.

in fact, happiness and beauty are not readily available, but need to fight and persist, and a person's greatest ability is to boil out the meaning of life under the witness of time.

, if you are still in the dark, please remember to tell yourself that it will pass and it will be dawn soon.