A messy family cannot raise a good child.
A messy family cannot raise a good child.
May every parent be a beacon in their child's life.




the ancients often said, "those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black."

the environment deeply affects a person's growth. For children, the family is the child's first school and the parents are the child's first teacher.

the pros and cons of the growing environment determine whether an excellent child can be raised.

A family with a messy room cannot raise hard-working children

as the saying goes, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

the condition of a family's room often hides the appearance of family life and the future of a child.

the Zeng family has the eight-character formula of running a family: morning, sweep, test, treasure, book, vegetable, fish, pig. This is a tradition left by Zeng Guofan's grandfather, Zeng Yuping. One of the "sweeping", that is, cleaning.

Zeng Guofan's grandfather, even if he could do nothing in his old age, would clean up the fields, homes and yards.

when it came to Zeng Guofan, he not only did it himself, but also wrote a letter to urge his younger brother: "it is difficult for the brothers to clean up. This is the atmosphere of family failure."

the implication is that if the room is not clean and cleaned up, it means that there is no requirement for yourself and no ambition.

to muddle along like this is like a failure of the family.

when his son Zeng Jize becomes a family, Zeng Guofan will also beg him to clean all the houses every day.

Zeng Jize carefully followed the family instructions and cleaned every day in a down-to-earth manner.

swept not only the house, but also the inner certainty and calm of character, which laid a solid psychological foundation for him to become a famous diplomat in modern history.

most people of later generations marvel at the emergence of talents in the Zeng family for more than 200 years, so they deeply study their letters and mottos with a view to educating their children.

in fact, if we can start with the most basic cleaning, the excellence of the child has already begun.

"Zhu Zi Family precepts" begins by saying: "rise at dawn, sweep the court, and be tidy inside and outside."

if parents are too lazy to clean up the room, their children will only be less likely to clean up and pay less attention to hygiene.

A family with a messy room is destined to be unable to raise diligent children.

on the contrary, if you are lazy, everything will not go well. When you find that your life is a mess, you might as well calm down and work with your children to wipe the table, fold the quilt, and mop the floor.

the home is clean, the heart is quiet, the person is stable, the blessing comes.

get into the habit of cleaning every day, raise a clean home and raise a hard-working child.

families with work and rest disorders cannot raise children with self-discipline

as the ancients said, "three lights in the morning and three panics in the evening."

forming the good habit of going to bed early and getting up early is not only good for your health, but also makes your life orderly.

Li Hongzhang worked as an aide to Zeng Guofan's government when he was young. There is a rule in Zengfu: get up at dawn and all the staff members have breakfast together.

at breakfast time on a cold day, everyone arrived except Li Hongzhang.

Zeng Guofan sent someone to call him, but Li Hongzhang lied about a headache and skipped breakfast today.

when Li Hongzhang heard this, he was frightened and hurried over.

Zeng Guofan used to chat while eating, but this time, Zeng Guofan did not say a word all the time.

after dinner, Zeng Guofan said to Li Hongzhang in front of everyone, "now that Shao Quan has entered my curtain, I have something to say: there is only the word 'sincerity' here."

after listening, Li Hongzhang was "creepy for a long time", embarrassed and uncomfortable, and secretly determined to repent.

from then on, Li Hongzhang persisted in going to bed early and getting up early, no matter whether he was on the horse to govern the army or the country, and made great contributions to the late Qing Dynasty.

early to bed and early to rise, with four simple words, how many people have achieved, and how many people are out of reach.

A writer said, "early to bed and early to rise makes a man rich, wise and healthy."

in order to get their children into the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, many parents spare no effort, but with little success. Just because many people ignore a key factor: whether parents stay up late and get up late.

families with disordered work and rest are destined to be unable to raise children with regular schedule.

if parents can go to bed early and get up early, their children will learn and follow suit. This is a process of heteronomy.

over time, when a child can have a leisurely breakfast and do well in every class, he no longer needs the supervision of his parents.

because he really experienced the benefits of early to bed and early to rise. This is the process from heteronomy to self-discipline.

and this is the ultimate goal of education: teaching is not to teach, is to enable children to carry out self-education.

the plan of the day is in the morning. the world has been secretly rewarding those who go to bed early and get up early.

starting from today, start with yourself, teach by example, be a self-disciplined parent, and raise a self-disciplined child.

confusedFamily, unable to raise progressive children

Zhu Xi once said: "step by step, read well and think carefully."

Children's education is not achieved overnight, eager for quick success and instant benefits will be counterproductive.

he pinned the hopes of three generations on his grandson Jia Rui, and beat and scolded him easily, which was not allowed, nor could it be said that he completely ignored Jia Rui's inner world and emotional needs.

there is a scene like this.

Jia Rui was tricked by Wang Xifeng and froze all night in the cold wind of the cold winter month, and finally got home.

Jia Dairu did not show any concern, but decided that he either drank or gambled and immediately imposed a heavy penalty.

first of all, he hit 30 or 40 boards so hard that he was not allowed to eat, and then he was made to kneel down in the courtyard to read the article and be sure to make up for ten days of homework.

similar harsh education is often staged, so that Jia Rui's heart is full of grievances, fear and submission, naturally no mood for progress, but ended up eating, drinking, whoring and gambling.

there is no doubt that Jia Delu's family education is a failure.

however, although history does not repeat itself, it is always strikingly similar.

Today, many parents unconsciously step into the educational dilemma of "Jia Dairu style".

wanting to communicate with the child turns into nagging and accusation, which fills the child's heart with irritability.

want to make the child more top-notch, become a young person to encourage, let the child's heart full of anxiety;

want the child to listen to himself, become a yell, let the child's heart full of fear.

all the experiences of irritability, anxiety and fear will accumulate in the child's heart and consume the life energy originally used for learning and growth.

A family with inner chaos is doomed to be unable to raise progressive children.

A philosopher said: "Education is not him, but the turn of the heart, leading children to love, goodness and wisdom."

A good education is not harsh criticism, not coercion, but to awaken the inner strength of the child.

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raise a child who is confident in his heart so that he can slow down, calm down, see the road ahead and move forward one step at a time.

everything happens for a reason.

the room is messy and comes from habits, so it is impossible to raise diligent children.

the disorder of work and rest stems from role models and cannot raise children with self-discipline.

inner chaos, derived from the atmosphere, can not raise enterprising children.

A messy family is not doomed to raise good children.

being a parent is not only an experience of life, but also a self-cultivation.

, may every parent be a beacon in their child's life, guard all the way, guide all the way, and protect the child's growth.