A learning method of high achiever at Tsinghua University: if your child is between the ages of 3 and 15, be sure to see it!
A learning method of high achiever at Tsinghua University: if your child is between the ages of 3 and 15, be sure to see it!
Good habits are the wealth of a child's life.

unwittingly, it's the end of term again. However, many children are "having fun" and are immersed in the joy of the upcoming holiday, while others are depressed, flustered, and even lose their temper for no reason.

this makes many parents anxious:" if you don't like it like this, your grades will plummet again. "

if the child has 3 or more of the following performances, then you should do it in time!

  • work and sleep irregularly, like to sleep late.

  • not active, "procrastinator" online

  • "indulge" in the electronic world for hours at a time

  • abandon dinner and snacks

  • dependence is enhanced, and you don't want to do anything.

  • didn't have enough fun and didn't care about talking about the "new semester".

so what should be done to avoid the "school opening syndrome"? Today, Egg Mom came to share the learning methods of a Tsinghua high achiever. She analyzed the influence of his parents on him from many angles. He was very inspired!


develop good living habits from an early age

  • regular routine

go to bed early and get up regularly, don't stay up late. When I was in the first grade, my mother would draw a schedule with me, such as when to get up and when to go to bed, when to do my homework, when to read, and so on.

in this process, my mother usually consulted with me and asked me for advice in advance, not asking me to do it unilaterally, let alone making the schedule full. I am more willing to accept the feeling of being respected by my parents.

  • Love sports


good learning habits, starting with setting goals

Learning is a long endurance run. Only when you develop a sense of self-discipline from an early age and be strict with yourself can you keep moving forward on this road of learning, and you will go farther and farther in the future.

however, not everyone is born with self-discipline, procrastination is the norm of most people and the biggest enemy on the way of learning.

Mom, in order to help me develop good learning habits, she will usually set learning goals with me and guide me to work towards my own goals.

this stage, the key is to be willing to start the first step, as long as you take the first step, progress and change is a very good phenomenon.

sure enough, at the end of the first semester, I was first in my class, surpassing not only others but also myself. Behind my success is my mother's patient guidance and cumulative efforts.


from elementary school to high school will go through numerous exams, large and small, and scores are the hurdles that we often fail to overcome.

but in our family, my father asked me to do this: as long as I have a good attitude, I won't blame me for any score in the exam.

and my mother is gentle with my test scores. If I get a high score, my mother will praise me unsparingly. If I get a low score, my mother will not blame me, but comfort me by saying:

"exam is to check and make up for gaps. If you do it right every time, it's not easy to find your own shortcomings. If you don't do well in the exam this time, you'll be fine next time."

so, all the time, I have no pressure on the test scores, and my grades have been stable.



learn to cooperate, and children who are happy and gregarious are the most popular

some people say that one person can go faster, but a group of people can go farther.

finding like-minded partners in the class can not only solve problems in learning, but also deepen the friendship between students.

as the saying goes, lazy people keep warm together, while excellent people promote each other.

and cooperation is an indispensable factor for a person to adapt to and gain a foothold in society. In fact, in the process of helping each other with classmates, they are also training their own social skills.

has this beautiful quality of" warming myself and illuminating others ", which also gives me more strength to move forward in the future.


be kind and firm to your children

to teach children is the common aspiration of parents all over the world, so educational methods are particularly important. It is no use yelling and scolding children. No matter how good the parents' motives are, they may backfire.

in my family, although my father has a quick temper, my mother's personality is very warm.And, whenever I encounter troubles, my mother will patiently tell me how to do it and never yell at me. My mother's soft character is the peace of mind in my heart.

remember that when I was a child, I liked to draw on white walls very much. When my mother found out, I didn't scold me. Instead, she said to me:

"if it is painted on the wall, it can only be painted once, but if it is painted on paper, she can draw as much as she wants."

in order to stimulate my interest, my mother specially made a sticker and posted one on it as soon as I drew one. As a result, my interest in painting increased greatly.

so, I am very lucky to have a mother who is emotionally stable and gentle, which is the greatest luck of my life.

after reading high achiever's learning mentality, I can't help sighing that instead of being jealous of" other people's children ", it's better to be" other people's parents "!

for every family, children are always the heart of their parents, helping them develop good habits, just like opening a window to their children's world.

so parents must help their children develop good habits when they do not have the ability to think on their own. after shaping, the future will be easy to go.

every child should grow up to be an adult on his own, only that during the period of his life when he needs guidance most, his parents always hold the candlelight and guide him with their own actions.


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