A good life is sorted out
A good life is sorted out
Tidying up your room is the first step in your life.



I don't know if you have found that many times, the good life is sorted out.

when we are tidying up our rooms, we are tidying up our lives; when we are collecting things, we are sorting out our thoughts.

learn to organize, and you can slowly make your life back to freedom.

you don't want to throw anything away

talk about quality of life

netizen momo once sighed: "finishing = throwing, throwing, throwing."

she said that every time she tidied up the room, she threw away the useless things and left the important things behind.

looking at neat cabinets and clean rooms, you will feel better for no reason.

but, as simple as it sounds, not everyone can do it.

because we all seem to be used to "collecting".

clothes that I like at first glance, colorful mobile phone cases, beautiful shopping bags. Always wanted to stay.

over the years, I have saved more and more.

but all year round, these things don't seem to be of much use except to take up space.

this is the case with blogger Yu Tsai.

she has always felt that it is frugal to put aside what is available.

but slowly found that the space in the home is getting smaller and smaller.

in a thorough cleaning, she found all kinds of expired medicine, data lines in the depths of the drawer, clothes she had never worn once.

the treasure once thought to be saved has not only become a waste, but also occupied the space of the home.

because of the chaos of space, her quality of life is getting worse and worse.

after the divorce, not only the home becomes much more spacious, but also the mind becomes more refreshing.

in fact, life is a process of choice.

if you don't want to throw anything away, you can't talk about quality of life.

you want everything, and in the end, you often can't hold on to anything.

throw away unnecessary encumbrances in order to bring more valuable things into life;

give up the trouble that is not worth it to make room for something more meaningful.

Thoreau also said: "A man's wealth is proportional to the amount of things he can give up."

so, from now on, throw boldly and learn to let go, so that our life can be better and better.

someone who can organize

Life won't be too bad

have you found anything?

when your work environment is very tidy, your work efficiency will be very high.

when your home environment is very clean, the living condition will be very good.

and vice versa.

this may indicate that a person's fortune is often hidden in his "tidying up power".

this is the case with minimalist godfather Sasaki.

once he was middle-aged and accomplished nothing.

every day after work, he always throws away his clothes and lives in a small house where he can't see the light of day.

he learned from the bitter experience and began to make changes.

first he tidied up his messy little room and cleared away all the unnecessary things.

then organize your office and work case.

when the space became bright, he began to pay attention to his dress and image.

over time, his whole mental outlook has changed.

he also gradually has the energy to socialize and has time to travel, meditate and write.

all these changes are reflected in his work.

he not only got a promotion, but also wrote his story into a book and counterattacked into a minimalist godfather.

you see, changing the external environment seems to really affect the inner world.

arrangement is actually a way of thinking and a philosophical way of dealing with the world.

when you are tidying up your room, you are combing through your past life and examining every bit of it.

the room you tidy up is the level of your life; the appearance you tidy up is your spiritual world.

and it's all part of your life.

if you want to live a fine life, you might as well start by tidying up your room.

learn to organize

put your life back to freedom

writer Su Ying once said this:

"We must abandon sin and filth in order to become clean and honest people."

tidying up can not only make you look clear, but also make your mind clear.

it seems that learning to organize can make your life back to freedom.

so, is there any better finishing technique?

some methodologies have been put forward in the Collection of the whole Book, which can help us organize our lives better.

A few minutes a day, form the micro habit of organizing

do you also have procrastination in the face of messy rooms?

in the face of busy work, do you have no way to start?

maybe squeezing out 5 or 10 minutes a day to clean will help you form the micro-habit of tidying up.

whether it's tidying up books, scrubbing desks, cleaning the room, or cleaning the bathroom.

as long as there is a mess, clean it up as soon as possible.

maybe your life will be moreBe at ease.

throw away items that are not needed immediately

many people feel crowded when they enter the room.

maybe it's because you have so many items in your room that you can't keep a good ratio of space to objects.

learn to break up regularly in order to make your room cleaner and make your life more textured.

when your room becomes refreshing, it may motivate you to organize and accept it.

Jing Beran once said that in a good space, one should be big, and the other should have sunshine.

so, to clean up your room, you might as well start by learning to throw.

create a convenient storage space

finishing, there is also a "cheating", that is, to create a convenient and easy-to-use storage space.

you need to have an overall layout of your room.

centralize and disperse the space to create a rhythmic visual area.

at the same time, you can also put items in different areas according to their utilization.

things that are commonly used should be kept within reach; things that are not commonly used should be placed outside the realization height area.

in this way, it can make your every move more convenient.

skillfully use fashion creativity to improve receptive taste

the purpose of tidying up is neatness on the one hand and looking good on the other.

therefore, we should learn to use fashion creativity skillfully to improve our receptive taste.

among them, the easiest way is to use color matching to create different visual effects.

some people like the hue of black, white and gray to create an industrial style;

some people like the hue of white and warm yellow to create a warm wind.

you can try as much as you like.

tidy up the room

is to organize your life

writer Su Qin said:

"everyone's time and energy are limited, learn to subtract, learn to be willing and give up, in order to get lightness and dexterity



tidying up a room is a process of making choices.

you can learn to appreciate beauty in receiving items;

when you are organizing the space, you can learn to layout;

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you can learn to simplify while cleaning the room.

tidying up your room is the first step in your life.

, may you create a good living space and a good development space for yourself in the new year.

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