A 2-year-old boy in Jiangxi was abducted for 25 years. He was found wearing 100000 watches and his adoptive father was worth more than 100 million yuan: did he choose to go home?
A 2-year-old boy in Jiangxi was abducted for 25 years. He was found wearing 100000 watches and his adoptive father was worth more than 100 million yuan: did he choose to go home?
Affection cannot be measured by money, otherwise it will become a slave to money.

what is the experience of being abducted from a multimillionaire family to a billionaire family?

one of the most popular news in the past two days is "kidnapped Young Master" Mei Zhiqiang.

the original family is a multimillionaire who was abducted at the age of 2 and was found 25 years later. The current family has assets of more than 100 million.

there are a lot of comments under the news:

"this is the young man who has been kidnapped around and is still rich."

"the poorest moment of my life is in the hours when I was abducted. I was born rich!"

on February 3, 2023, Mei Zhiqiang made his first appearance and was interviewed by reporters.

in the face of many labels affixed to him by netizens, he smiled helplessly, leaving a sentence with profound meaning:

"in fact, sometimes happiness can't be bought with money."

so, what exactly has Mei Zhiqiang experienced in the 25 years since he was abducted? Is he really the luckiest abducted child?

Let's set the hour hand back to July 1997.

Mei Fu, originally from Jiangxi Province, took his wife and children to Kunming, Yunnan Province to start a business.

the business has just started, and Mei Fu is so busy that his feet don't touch the ground every day, and the family is run by Mei's mother alone.

on July 23, it began to rain cats and dogs.

Mei's mother is cooking in the kitchen, the eldest daughter is doing her homework in the living room, and Mei Zhiqiang, the 2-year-old son, is playing in front of the door.

it was an extremely ordinary morning, but something unusual happened.

after about 20 minutes, Mei Mu came out of the kitchen and did not see her son. She asked her daughter, "where is your brother?"

the daughter, who is doing her homework, looked up and said, "aren't you playing in the water at the door?"

but Mei Zhiqiang is not at the door.

Mother Mei searched all over the front and back of the house, but there was no sign of her son.

A chill rose from the bottom of her heart, and Mei Mu suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter:

her child is missing! Right on my doorstep, in less than 20 minutes.

when Mei Fu learned that his son was missing, he put down his business and hurried home.

they turned to all their relatives and neighbors to help find their children, but there was no news of Mei Zhiqiang.

Mei Mu was so heartbroken that she lay down for more than twenty days, all supported by hanging injections.

as soon as she recovered, she looked everywhere for the child like crazy.

but there is still no news. At that time, everyone in the family was thinking of Mei Zhiqiang.

Mei Fu has just started his business and is busy with his career and looking for his children. when he tried every means to get any news, he could not help but vent his anger at his wife: "it's all because you didn't take care of the children!"

Mother Mei burst into tears and hit back at her husband: "you just know that you are busy with business. Is the child mine alone?"

Father Mei sat dejectedly on the ground. He knows he shouldn't be angry with his wife, but people always have to find an outlet for their depressed emotions, or they will be driven mad.

"my wife and I quarreled a lot in the three or four years when my son first disappeared, and my family didn't feel like home anymore."

Mei Mu suffered from depression. At one point, she wanted to commit suicide and was stopped by her relatives and friends.

and Father Mei never gave up looking for his son.

every time I go out to look for it, I spend as little as a few thousand yuan, as much as tens of thousands of yuan, and I often encounter swindlers who provide false news.

Mei Fu can only redouble his efforts to make money in order to find his son.

"Twenty-five years later, we have never stopped looking for our son."

"I just think that he can't eat well somewhere, and I can't sleep at night."

at the other end, the kidnapped Mei Zhiqiang's life trajectory has completely changed.

after being taken away by human traffickers, he was sent to a wealthy family in Putian, Fujian Province.

Foster parents have two daughters, so they bought him because they always wanted a son.

within a few years, adoptive parents gave birth to another child, this time a boy.

when Mei Zhiqiang was in primary school, he could vaguely feel that he was not born to him.

when he was found later, a reporter asked him how he realized it, and he replied:

"I can see it in some details of life."

there are no extra words, but it is Mei Zhiqiang's 25 years of life.

after graduating from high school, adoptive parents said to Mei Zhiqiang:

"it doesn't matter whether a family like us goes to college or not. If you want to go to college, we fully support it, and if you don't want to go to college, we will respect your opinion. "

Foster parents run several private hospitals with hundreds of millions of assets and are veritable billionaires.

in fact, Mei Zhiqiang's material life is not poor in the past 20 years or so in his adoptive parents' home.

he is not short of money, but he doesn't know what it's like to be kindly cared for by his parents.

after working in this way for ten years, Mei Zhiqiang's desire to find his biological parents has become even stronger.

one day on a whim, he went to the blood bank on Putian to prepare a copy.

I didn't think it would be a month before I made a match.

on June 13, 2022, the police compared all the evidence and confirmed the father-son relationship between Mei Zhiqiang and Mr. Mei.

after untold hardships, the Mei family finally found their child.

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"son, I've been looking for you for 25 years, you know."

the next day, Father Mei, who rushed from Jiangxi to Putian in Fujian Province, hugged his son and burst into tears.

while crying, he said: "your name is Mei Zhiqiang. Do you know that you are from Jiangxi? you are going back to Jiangxi with me today."

Mei Zhiqiang also shed tears uncontrollably. "I felt that kind of intimacy at first sight," he said. "

the whole family hugged and cried, as beautiful as a dream.

reunion, Mei Zhiqiang was faced with a very realistic question: "will you go back to Jiangxi with your biological parents or stay in Fujian?"

as a matter of fact, Mei Zhiqiang's native family conditions are also quite favorable.

Mei Fu has said publicly more than once:

"No matter how much money they (adoptive parents) have, I don't need their things. I want my children. Our family reunion is happier than anything else."

this is an old father's love for his child, which is touching.

Mei Zhiqiang knew that his biological mother and sister blamed themselves for his kidnapping and trafficking, and he was very upset.

"I dream about rice fields and lotus ponds in my hometown. I just don't know where it is, but I know there is such a place. "

now he finally knows where it is.

in the end, Mei Zhiqiang chose to go back to Jiangxi with his biological parents.

A welcoming ceremony was specially prepared for him at home, and Mei Zhiqiang's grandfather bought a new table and ordered a banquet for the guests.

when the white-haired grandmother saw her own grandson, she held his hand tightly, as if the child disappeared as soon as she let go.

my uncle could not help crying: "I almost lost my life in order to find you."

it is needless to say that every year on Mei Zhiqiang's birthday, they prepare a birthday cake for him.

the most painful thing is the Spring Festival, when other people are reunited with their families, there will always be one less person in their family.

now, it is finally complete.

after Mei Zhiqiang was recovered, countless netizens discussed it.

many people say that Mei Zhiqiang is born rich. They envy Mei Zhiqiang's good luck and even call him the luckiest abducted child.

but in my opinion, there is never any luck or tenderness on the road to child trafficking. On the contrary, it is covered with the remains of the victims.

some netizens said so:

"Why do most of the rescued children choose the so-called 'adoptive parents'? Because children who already have memories and are not clever and disobedient have been killed by human traffickers. "

Human traffickers can kidnap a child for a few seconds, but for families who have lost a child, the pain cannot be repaired for a lifetime.

We should not forget the heaviness of reality just because the adoptive parents have a lot of money.

Mei Zhiqiang's aunt once said something that touched people's hearts:

"I hope Qiang Qiang will be here all the time. It's not that our family can't grow up and be strong, and it's not that we don't have money and can't live. If the child is lost and adopted, I will thank you and steal mine. I will not thank you. "

recall Mei Zhiqiang's sentence that "sometimes happiness can't be bought with money." in fact, there is a sentence after that:

"affection cannot be measured by money, otherwise it will become a slave to money."

whether you are poor or rich, abducting and selling children is a crime.

, may there be no crutches in the world, and may all children grow up safely and healthily.