9 sentences that must be known in life are very reasonable (incisive)
9 sentences that must be known in life are very reasonable (incisive)
May these fallacies enable you to see the essence of life as soon as possible.


there is a sentence in the movie "the afterlife":

"I've heard a lot of things since I was a child, but I still can't live a good life."

if you think about it, it is true.

in this life, everyone is unique.

many times the general truth seems to be universal, but it may not be suitable for everyone.

and those seemingly speechless fallacies contain a lot of wisdom in life.

the following nine sentences in life, the sooner you know it, the sooner you will benefit.


"people have to be thick-skinned when they are alive. I'm sorry about this, and I'm sorry about that, so how can you live?"

growing up, we have more or less met people who are too thin-skinned and live a suffocated and miserable life.

in their work, they encounter problems that they do not understand, so they are unable to turn to their colleagues for advice. As a result, they get half the result with twice the effort and delay the progress of their work.

in fact, life is short, compared with their own feelings, face is not so important, it is the cheapest thing in the world.

there is no shortage of capable people in the world, and those who are most afraid of being stronger than you are thicker-skinned than you.

there is not so much embarrassment in life. Don't let embarrassment become a stumbling block in your life.

be thick-skinned, live more for yourself, and strive for everything you want, is the greatest decency of a person.


"people don't have enough to eat, there is only one worry, and when people are full, they have countless troubles."

the ancients said:

"if the people are not satisfied, they often encounter disasters and sorrows."

there are thousands of troubles in the world, most of which are caused by greed.

got it, wanted it better, and ignored it;

if you don't get it, you will pursue it, make yourself worry constantly, and get nothing in the end.

there are so many beautiful things in the world that not everything is deserved.

A really smart person knows what to stay and what to give up.

they know very well that everything in the world has a certain destiny, and it is futile to insist on things that do not belong to them.

people should learn to let go of themselves and cherish everything they have in order to achieve peace of mind.

the true meaning of happiness lies not in how much you have, but in how contented you are.


"those who do not understand the intention of the author will never get a high score; those who do not understand the needs of customers will never sign a big order; those who do not understand their partner's emotions will never be able to keep a good relationship."

in the process of people coming and going, we will inevitably meet all kinds of people, and we will gradually drift away from some people.

is drifting away, but one of them is lack of empathy.

empathy is an indispensable ability in interpersonal communication.

A relationship without empathy, no matter how hard you try, will not be able to perceive each other's real needs, and will only make each other exhausted.

and those who have empathy, you can always feel relaxed and happy to get along with them.

they know how to think about problems, put forward ideas, and give solutions from the point of view of others.

you don't have to pretend or worry about getting along with such people.

when a person has empathy, he will have the wisdom to deal with others and the highest EQ in dealing with others.


"be sure to keep smiling, or your teeth will be brushed all these years."

Life is like a mirror, happy or sad, it depends on people's choice.

facing with a sad face will only drag down the present and make life go downhill ahead of time. Only when you face it with a smile can you grow toward the sun and move forward bravely.

the 78-year-old "Grandpa nice" Rosen, who became popular with his smile, has brought joy to countless people, but there is unspeakable pain behind his smile.

after graduating from college, Rosen was fired by the TV station for various reasons.

and his favorite second son also fell ill at this time and died unfortunately.

even under such circumstances, he persevered and created a sad book.

"A star falls, the starry sky is not bright, a flower is withered, and the whole spring cannot be desolated."

Life is always bittersweet, no one can be plain sailing, and don't let temporary frustration become the shackles of life.

everyone has a hard day, crying is also a day, laughing is also a day, it is better to live every day with a smile.

facing life with a smile, life can move on and suffering will retreat.


"an iron pestle can be ground into a needle, but a wooden pestle can only be ground into a toothpick. The material is wrong, and it's no use trying hard. "

Zhang Chaoyang once said:

"Don't work too hard. Opportunities and choices are often greater than personal efforts. It is better to face reality and seriously study where the opportunities that suit you are."

most of the time, the reason why people can not achieve success is not because of lack of ability, but because they choose something wrong and use their strength in the wrong place.

just like a tortoise can never beat a hare on land, but when it is in the water, it can always swim faster than a hare.

there is more than one road to success, but it is in the wrong direction, and it is futile to go further.

before doing anything, you should first recognize your ability, start from the source, and then choose the right track according to the actual situation.

in the right direction, efforts will not be in vain, and the road of life will be smoother and smoother.


"you think other people are too complicated because you are not simple."

in life, there are always people who complain that other people's thoughts are too complicated, but seldom reflect on why they think others are complicated.

many times, others are your own mirror, and you have what you have in mind when you see what other people look like.

the reason why people always regard others as complicated is that this person is not simple.

in fact, the world is not that complicated, what is complicated is the human heart.

things change with the heart, the environment is born from the heart, there is beauty in your heart, life is naturally full of beauty everywhere.

the heart is simple, everything will be simple, and life will be easier and smoother.

the higher a person's realm is, the simpler his heart will be.

in a life that can not be repeated, please go to the mountains and seas with a simple heart to live an ideal life.


"three years to help a man, three days to forget; three days to feed a dog, three years to ripen." Many times, people are not as good as dogs. "

"stay away from ungrateful people, for lightning will tire you when it strikes him."

the words are not rough.

in life, we will inevitably meet ungrateful people.

before Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize, he was on good terms with his cousin and helped him a lot.

but after he won the Nobel Prize, Mo Yan was chilled by his cousin's behavior.

it turned out that instead of being happy for him, his cousin mocked that he was lucky to win the prize, smeared him everywhere, and belittled him in front of his friends to elevate himself.

Human feelings are as thin as paper, and human nature is as fierce as a wolf.

there is only one thought between good and evil, and you will never know whether the other person is acquainted with you with kindness or malice.

the greatest evil of human nature is that you don't know how to be grateful. Never be kind to someone who doesn't know how to be grateful.

Human feelings are never valuable. The best way to protect yourself is not to overestimate the goodness of human nature and not to underestimate the evil of human nature.


"people who run a red light usually have two consequences, either one minute faster than others, or a lifetime faster than others."

in life, there are many people who want to see the results as soon as they start to do something, and keep quickening their pace.

in the end, I not only exhausted myself physically and mentally, but also failed to achieve the desired results.

for a period of time, illustrator Li Yanfu arranged a full time in order to publish an album of paintings, not giving himself any chance to catch his breath.

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but the more anxious she is, the less creative inspiration she has, and her physical condition is getting worse and worse.

later, she no longer focused on the results, but on the painting.

after a period of time, she not only published a best-selling book, but also held an art exhibition.

Life is a long marathon, fighting for endurance, not speed.

impatience can never eat hot tofu, too much haste is often counterproductive, but it is faster to take your time.

"A flash in the pan, but waiting for the whole day; cicadas sing all summer, but dormant for several seasons."

everyone has their own florescence, calm down, patient heart, in order to harvest the final fruit.


"when you go through the events of birth, old age, sickness and death, you will know that your previous sadness in the middle of the night is not worth mentioning."

some people ask: "what are the principles of life, the sooner you know the better?"

there is a highly liked answer:

"apart from birth, old age, sickness and death, there are few really important things in life."

when you are healthy, you always regard trifles as a big event when the sky falls.

after falling ill, only then can I understand that those things that were once worried and puzzled are all trivial things.

physical health is the most important thing in this life.

body is 1, everything else is 0.

everything in life is a scratch except life and death, and nothing is worth consuming your health.

instead of waiting until your health breaks down to repent, you might as well go to bed early and exercise more when you have time from now on.

having a strong body is the greatest responsibility for yourself and the best love for your family.

I strongly agree with what Zweig said:

"Truth is only in the moment, and there is no eternal truth."

things change rapidly, and different people have different views on the same thing;

with the same crooked theory, different people have different consciousness.

A really smart person, in the face of false reasoning, can understand the meaning behind it while laughing, making life more and more enjoyable.

, may these false theories enable you to see the essence of life as soon as possible, help you firmly control the rudder of life in the huge waves of life, and make your life look like what you yearn for..

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