7 details, see clearly a person's upbringing
7 details, see clearly a person's upbringing
The upbringing deep to the bone hides the details of life.

Confucian style



what is upbringing?

it is the rules of words and deeds, the propriety of communication, the tolerance of behavior and the kindness of heart.

upbringing is impossible to pretend.

the upbringing to the bone hides the details of life.


strength of closing the door

closing the door is a small matter.

but uneducated people will close the door at will and only care about their own comfort.

some people don't notice this problem at all, while others do it deliberately.

the former does not know how to think of others, while the latter is really unqualified and impolite.

and educated people will consciously take into account the feelings of others when closing the door.

they know that opening the door gently and then closing it gently is the best respect for others.

there is a kind of upbringing: close the door quietly.


rules for eating

the beginning of husband's etiquette begins with diet.

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Chinese etiquette begins with the rules on the table.

while having a meal, you can see whether the other person is cultured and whether he or she understands etiquette.

before eating, wait for the elders to sit down and move the chopsticks.

Don't flip around with your own chopsticks while eating.

Don't chirp, don't make strange noises, it's best to chew slowly.

Don't talk while you're eating, wait until you swallow the food, and then talk to people.

if the guest doesn't finish the meal, the host family can't get up and leave the table first.

there is a kind of upbringing: eat well-behaved.


discretion in speaking

A gentleman is slow in words and quick in deeds.

expression is instinct, and ability to speak is skill.

people who are really educated must think twice before they speak.

speak rationally about what you know and be silent at the right time.

when you are upset, speak slowly, don't say angry words, don't say confused words.

when you have nothing to say, don't say it, always be careful in your words and deeds, and pay attention to everything.

there is a kind of upbringing called: speak with moderation.


punctual habits

time is money.

whether it's your own or someone else's, it's the same.

if you are late or break an appointment for no reason, you will waste each other's time.

he didn't even apologize afterwards, which is actually selfish and uneducated.

every time you procrastinate and arrive late, you are overdrawing your own character and reputation.

before you make a commitment, think about whether you can do it.

because the words of a gentleman are irrevocable, once you make a promise, you must try your best to do it.

there is a kind of upbringing called habit of punctuality.


moderation of jokes

the so-called jokes have an element of seriousness.

if the other party thinks it is funny, it is called a joke.

you think it's funny, but if the other person thinks it's not funny, it's impolite.

the yardstick of a man's joke is his upbringing.

people who are really humorous don't joke about each other's privacy, their flaws, their families, and their beliefs.

because people who don't stick to trivialities will feel lost and uncomfortable when they are hit with a weakness.

A casual joke may affect other people's lives.

there is a kind of upbringing called moderate joke.


timely reply

5G era, there are no unreceived messages, only those who do not want to reply.

whether you can reply in time when you receive messages from others is a sharp weapon to test your upbringing.

those who do not reply to the news at all are simply disrespectful to others.

reply as soon as you receive it, respecting both others and yourself.

when someone greets you, you should at least say "Hello";

when someone tells you something, it's not too much trouble to reply "received".

whether you are invited to an appointment or not is your freedom, but give a letter of approval.

others ask you any questions, just say what you know, and if you don't know, say "don't understand";

if you are busy, explain in time afterwards, say you are sorry, and the other person will understand.

there is a kind of upbringing: reply in time.


attitude towards money

money is not only the mirror of emotion, but also the touchstone of upbringing.

if you want to see a person's upbringing, you can see his attitude towards money.

those who have nothing to do and ask for red envelopes, can borrow money even if they are familiar with each other, and those who do not return the money and play tricks are totally not educated enough, and the farther away the better.

talk about money, do not avoid, do not hide, people who can be generous, the conduct will not be bad.

people who come and go, do not take advantage and are not ungrateful can be counted as reliable people.

when relatives and friends are in urgent need of help, those who are willing to borrow money must be affectionate and righteous.

will pay back the money on time and will return the master.The person who pays the interest must be of good quality.

there is a kind of upbringing called: if you don't take advantage, you can not only give charcoal in time, but also take the initiative to pay back the money.

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