61-year-old Liu Dehua official announced divorce? Netizens blew up: we were deceived by him for 40 years!
61-year-old Liu Dehua official announced divorce? Netizens blew up: we were deceived by him for 40 years!
It is easy to fall in love, but difficult to defend each other, and I hope they can always be happy!

Andy Lau has also begun to play new tricks.

release your daily vlog on a certain platform, directly getting closer to fans.

who would have thought that Liu Dehua, who is in his sixties, looks like a 30-year-old man.

fans say they envy Zhu Liqian!

some fans ask questions directly:

"are you divorced?"

"Why don't you show your love when you get married? is it because you're divorced?"

from one or two at the beginning, to later, more and more fans questioned, and even rushed to let Andy Lau "official declaration of divorce."

from "young and astringent students" to "all-around" artists who dominate three generations of fans.

in addition to looking forward to the work, the King's gossip love history has also attracted a lot of attention.

although Andy Lau's feelings are well hidden.

but the affair with her predecessor Yu Kexin was still revealed by herself.

people have always wondered.

Why is it that Yu Kexin can be generously recognized while Zhu Liqian is secretly hidden for 23 years?

Why does the open love not come to the end, but the unrecognized love goes so long?

mention Yu Kexin, the first thing that comes to mind is the book Love Sea, Starry Sky: me and Andy Lau.

she is also the only girlfriend Andy Lau has ever admitted except his wife.

when Andy Lau and Yu Kexin met, "Divine Eagle chivalry" had not yet been broadcast.

he is just a "waiting for Hong Xiaosheng".

he went to Taiwan to shoot a movie, and Yu Kexin went to receive her because of his work.

Andy Lau fell in love with the beauty at a glance.

being together for 13 days shows his mind, which is an "impulse" that Andy Lau has never had before.

after the work was over, the two began to live apart.

at first, it is possible to use letters to ease thoughts, but after a long time, Yu Kexin can't stand it.

she gave up all her work in Taiwan and followed Andy Lau to develop in Hong Kong.

although Yu Kexin also shot some scenes in Hong Kong, he didn't make much of a splash.

Liu Dehua became popular with the "Divine Sculpture Swordsmen." there are more and more job offers and more and more fame.

it has been a conclusion since ancient times that there are many popular people.

the paparazzi have their eyes on Andy Lau, who has just exploded, trying to dig up some revelations about his private life.

Yu Kexin initially claimed that the two were friends.

Andy Lau directly admitted their relationship.

this practice did not bring sense of security to Yu Kexin, but gave her the reputation of being a "fox".

Andy Lau sometimes doesn't take care of his girlfriend because he is getting busier and busier at work.

Yu Kexin did not feel at ease because of the marriage letter.

Little suspicions and sensitivities between couples still exist all the time.

the relationship lasted only three years and ended in a breakup.

at that time, Yu Kexin's mother also said that the two broke up because of Zhu Liqian's intervention.

say bluntly that Zhu Liqian is the third party.

I don't know what psychology Yu Kexin is out of.

unexpectedly published a book about the private details of her and Andy Lau.

with the help of reporters, she also sent Liu Dehua a private portrait of herself.

when Andy Lau saw this, he left with a bad face.

unbearable fans scolded her for consuming Andy Lau, but she didn't think so.

in the face of this frequent farce, Andy Lau responded with only eight words: "one thought of heaven, one thought of hell."

since then, I haven't replied to any questions about her.

Zhu Liqian was hidden behind Andy Lau's back for 23 years.

when she was first exposed, fans began to talk sour again.

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said she saved the Milky way in her last life.

of course, there are worse words.

said that she was able to marry the Heavenly King by all means in order to be superior.

but only after knowing Zhu Liqian's background did I know the strength of her family.

Zhu Liqian, the daughter of a wealthy businessman in Malaysia, is a veritable "little princess".

if you have the love of your family, you don't have to worry about your livelihood.

Zhu Liqian can choose the life and development direction she wants.

I have no intention of running a family business, but I am more eager to go to Hong Kong for development.

now when I think about it, she should have come to Hong Kong for Andy Lau.

she once expressed her love for Andy Lau on the show and said bluntly that she wanted to be his wife.

and Andy Lau is surrounded by beautiful women like Anita Mui, Chen Yulian and Guan Zhilin.

Zhu Liqian was not interested in the entertainment industry and went home before long.

Zhu Liqian was introduced by a friend and finally met this man who had been thinking about it day and night.

although Zhu Liqian is not as amazing as the actress in the entertainment circle.

but her quiet, unobtrusive characterIt attracted Andy Lau.

the time when the two met came at a time when Andy Lau's career had changed and he was in a bad mood.

Zhu Liqian often accompanied him and enlightened him, and the two gradually fell in love.

later, Andy Lau returned to Hong Kong, and Zhu Liqian wanted to go back with him.

maybe she understands that once the two are separated, the relationship will disappear with it.

she doesn't want to give up.

"I like you. I don't want anything. I just want to be by your side."

"Don't go public, don't get married, okay?"

in this way, the two started a long secret love.

if this were another woman, she would have endured it once or twice, but not for 21 years.

in 2009, Zhu Liqian's father died of illness.

when the funeral ended and the two returned home, the airport was full of media waiting for him.

this time, Andy Lau did not let go of Zhu Liqian's hand and publicly admitted that the two were married.

on the contrary, Zhu Liqian, the girl standing in the stage beauty pageant, now sees the spotlight hiding behind Andy Lau.

after the incident came to light, there was a mixture of curses and sighs.

this time, it was Liu Dehua who was scolded, and the one who was distressed was the woman who had been hidden for 21 years.

is it really worth such an effort by Zhu Liqian?

half of life's firm waiting, in exchange for the rest of life's company.

silently accompany, perhaps unwilling, perhaps complaining, but she never thought of leaving.

for Zhu Liqian, she has wealth that ordinary people don't have, and she can choose countless kinds of life.

but in the world, all she wants is Andy Lau.

also glad that she met Liu Dehua.

otherwise, this kind of pay can easily be the end of a break-up.

is also glad that she is Zhu Liqian, not every fan can marry his idol.

is because of her own excellence, but also because of the persistence of love, the two can go so long and happy.

Andy Lau's love for Yu Kexin is brave and generously admits that it is his attitude.

but their strong and stubborn character has long implied that they will not be gone for long.

A filming inevitably comes into contact with an actress, while a sensitive one does not communicate.

if the problem is not solved in time, the snowball of the contradiction will become bigger and bigger.

and Andy Lau's love for Zhu Liqian is a promise.

Zhu Liqian's love is even more selfless, and their mutual trust is the firmware of this relationship.

waiting is a very painful thing, but as long as the outcome is good, no matter how sad the process will be sweet.

it is easy to fall in love, but difficult to defend each other, and I hope they can always be happy!

at the end:

although the two have a happy ending, girls should not easily learn from Zhu Liqian's "giving".

there are not so many Andy Lau in the world, and you are not that Zhu Liqian.

right to publish.