46-year-old Yan Chengxu announced the good news, the whole network angrily scolded: please, let Lin Zhiling go!
46-year-old Yan Chengxu announced the good news, the whole network angrily scolded: please, let Lin Zhiling go!
May he no longer be shackled by the halo, no longer afraid of failure, and pluck up the courage to take the first step of change.

"my baby is here."

recently, Yan Chengxu, who has not been seen for a long time, suddenly went on a hot search.

many people thought that he had married and had children like Hu GE, but it took a long time to find out that he was just promoting the new play.

in the hit drama Summer Flowers, Yan Chengxu and Xu Ruohan, 21 years apart, play a couple.

the vulgar plot of a teenage girl falling in love with a fallen uncle is not much new, on the contrary, it is Yan Chengxu's figure and state that people can't help but marvel at.

the years don't seem to have left any trace on his face.

even Liu Jianhong could not help imitating the shape of "Xiao Han" in the play, but how did he become "Xiao Fei".

half of his life away, he is still a teenager. Looking at Yan Chengxu's face and figure, who can believe that he is already 46 years old!

although the figure and condition maintenance is online, it has caused controversy among many viewers:

"Yan Chengxu, please transform and stop acting in idol dramas."

"what a pain! The filter was broken, but luckily Lin Chi-ling didn't marry him.


there are also many people who feel that he has not changed, making people dream back to the "Meteor Garden" and Daoming Temple.

but after that, Yan Chengxu never produced any refreshing works.

having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Yan Chengxu seems to stay where he is all the time.

many people wonder: why is 46-year-old Yan Chengxu still acting in idol dramas? Why didn't the transformation succeed?

all the answers can be seen in his life choices.

on the screen, Yan Chengxu often appears as an overbearing president or a rich young man, but the reality is just the opposite.

born in rural Taiwan, Yan Chengxu has tasted the taste of poverty since he was a child, and this kind of poverty has made him famous and is still unforgettable.

because he was poor, his father taught himself to give him an injection and treat him.

that year, when their father, the breadwinner of the family, died of illness, their life of lack of affluence became even more difficult.

Mother supports their shaky lives by mending clothes for people.

the young Yan Chengxu was also forced to become independent in the process.

when he was in the fifth grade of primary school, he began to work and study, trying to find ways to work to subsidize his family.

he has worked as a bartender and a construction site porter, and sometimes he can only sleep three or four hours a day in order to make money and study.

Yan Chengxu, who was a child, was forced to become independent early.

he studied hard and worked hard, but even so, his days didn't get any better.

before the end of high school, Yan Chengxu was forced to drop out because he could not afford the tuition fees.

"poor" and "tired" were the main colors of his youth.

it may be hard for you to imagine that when he was a child, the thing he looked forward to most was not receiving gifts, but high fever and illness.

the concern of his family when he was ill was a rare warmth in his depressed days.

"I cherish the feeling of having a high fever. Only then will you know that someone cares about you."

because he is lonely, he yearns for love; because he is poor, he feels unworthy of being loved.

the misfortunes of his native family have made Yan Chengxu inferiority, sensitive and paranoid.

this seems to be doomed that there will be more ups and downs in his life.

after being forced to drop out of high school, the future was bleak, and Yan Chengxu began to enter the society.

fortunately, he had the most important opportunity in his life and became a model successfully.

in 2001, Yan Chengxu, who did not have much acting experience, was accidentally selected by Chai Zhiping to star in Meteor Garden.

after the show was broadcast, it set a new record for Taiwan idol dramas with an average audience rating of 6.99.

the F4 group in the play is called "the Light of Asia" by the media. As the core "Daoming Temple", it is the object sought after by countless people.

that year, Yan Chengxu was 24 years old, and as soon as he made his debut, he had already reached a height that was difficult for others to reach.

Fortune finally began to favor this young man with a bumpy fate.

however, the show changed his fate, and the upsurge of popularity forced his love with Lin Zhiling to go underground.

Yan Chengxu and Lin Zhiling know each other.

two people with completely different families and experiences fall in love after meeting each other.

the two work together at work and spend a long time together after work.

because Lin Zhiling likes the little prince, Yan Chengxu secretly saved money and wanted to take his girlfriend to visit the Little Prince Museum in Japan.

but after the "Daoming Temple" became popular, Yan Chengxu's emotional life also became the focus of media attention.

in order to cope with the stalking photos of gossip reporters, they spend less and less time together.

in 2005, Lin Zhiling had an accident while filming and six ribs in her chest were broken.

in the face of the encirclement and interception of the media, Yan Chengxu ignored the obstacles of the people around him and rushed to Lin Chi-ling's hospital as soon as possible.

but he was obviously worried and worried, but when he came to his mouth, he could only blame him.

it's not that he doesn't love her, he just doesn't know how to express it.

he wrote this relationship in his book:


the prince still escaped to the princess's place, pushed open the door, choked up and said sorry to pieces. He couldn't even figure out how to hold her in the best position. Finally got down on his knees and cried.

the girl cried, too. She doesn't understand why it hurts so much for two people who love each other to get close when they are suffering. "

later, when I heard he Jiong pronounce this paragraph, Lin Chi-ling suddenly wet her eyes.

program, Lin Zhiling said: "now in the face of love, I will be very brave."

two months later, when Yan Chengxu appeared on the show, he asked him, "would you be so brave to embrace love?"

when happiness was within reach, Yan Chengxu replied evasively: "I don't know. I don't think I'm good enough."

originally, everyone was still looking forward to the follow-up of this relationship. In 2019, Lin Zhiling announced the news of her marriage.

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the groom is not Yan Chengxu.

when the news of the marriage was announced, it was almost unbelievable. He loved her so much, and she had been waiting for him.

their regrets and misses make it difficult for them to become countless fans.

wandering around for more than ten years, they obviously have many opportunities to get back together.


Princess and

the prince's fairy tale has finally come to an end.

now, Lin Zhiling has been married for more than three years, but the 46-year-old Yan Chengxu is still single.

this relationship left him unforgettable regrets, but also let him know how to cherish.

"if you really meet someone you like very much, don't give up so easily."

the embarrassing life experience of childhood became the scar of his life and deeply affected him.

this is true both emotionally and professionally.

when he was suddenly hit by luck, in addition to surprises and accidents, he was more confused and guilty.

he does not have a professional background, nor is he good at singing and dancing. Unconfident, he always feels that he does not deserve these fame and glory.

in an interview, Yan Chengxu choked up and said: "I really feel a lot less."

in order to hide his "imperfections", he is more and more hard on himself.

in the eyes of his colleagues, he rehearses in the dance studio every day and can practice for more than ten hours a day.

with great fame and attention, Yan Chengxu always has a sense of urgency.

he wants to prove himself too much and hopes to improve his ability quickly.

but the reality is cruel. After "Meteor Garden", he received characters similar to Daoming Temple.

it is not that Yan Chengxu has not tried the transformation.

he starred in the Big White Tower, trying to get rid of the label of idols.

as a result, the play has won a good reputation, but Yan Chengxu's acting skills have been questioned.

in fact, questioning and non-discussion are the pains that must be faced in the process of transformation.

Yan Chengxu, who is sensitive in character, chose to give up and return to his comfort zone.

Chengyi Daoming Temple, failure also Daoming Temple.

although he became famous when he was young, there is no doubt that he is self-abased and sensitive.

this inferiority complex made him afraid to advance rashly in his career for fear of taking a wrong step.

he is always wavering between active adventure and passive compromise.

as a result, his former strength became his yoke as he grew older.

it seems that the routine is not changed, has been trapped in the "Daoming Temple" can not get out, always playing a role.

Zhou Yumin, who is also a F4 member.

first as a riffraff hero, he subverted the previous image, and then won the actor by virtue of "1945 on the other side", which not only completed the transformation, but also completely opened his own way of acting.

and Peng Yuyan, who was born in idol drama.

gave up the flow route early, frequently scanned the face in films of different themes, and later starred in "Mekong Action", completing the transformation of acting skills and image.