36-year-old Prince Wen "concealed marriage", private photo exposure was publicly humiliated: this scene, I think vomit …...
36-year-old Prince Wen "concealed marriage", private photo exposure was publicly humiliated: this scene, I think vomit …...
Every mother deserves to be respected, understood and cared for!

I wonder if you got such a clip when you were surfing the Internet.

Wang Ziwen Live took off his makeup in public, revealing his belly covered with stretch marks, and said gently and confidently: this is the real me.

in the TV series "this Life is also the first time", Wang Ziwen plays the producer Lu Yuanyuan.

the rumor that she had an affair with the famous actor "concealed marriage" has been questioned by many people that she is "unlike the mother who has just given birth to a child



in order to keep his career, Luyuan chose live broadcast to clarify.

facing the scars and lines on her stomach, she said proudly:

"nothing is ugly, just like the earth has mountains, rivers and seas, swamps and deserts, the universe has supernovae and death black holes. This is the medal my son left me."

and frankly admitted all kinds of anxiety after production, firmly and forcefully held back tears and poked people's hearts.

giving birth is the greatest adventure in a woman's life.

the fact that you are pregnant for 10 months and give birth does not mean the end.

behind all the splendor, the hardships behind a mother are ignored.

and their battlefield has just begun.

in the entertainment industry, where there is no shortage of beauties, Zhu Zhu definitely has a place in terms of amorous feelings.

and has been selected as the "100 most beautiful faces in the world" for many times



but these outstanding places seem to be no match for Zhu Zhu's postpartum figure and state.

in the recent "Open the right way of Life", Zhu Zhu played Dongxiao as a "goddess" character.

as soon as he appeared on the stage, he was full of charm, and Li Vortex smiled so beautifully that he couldn't take his eyes off.

"Zhu Zhu is really old and her eyelids are very loose."

"after giving birth, I feel that Zhu Zhu has put on a lot of weight and does not have the temperament of a goddess."

"I feel that Zhu Zhu has put on weight and feels like a bear on his back."

these light comments, with ridicule and banter, make Zhu Zhu feel guilty:

"because I joined the crew three months after delivery, I can't do a lot of sports, and my figure is still very bloated."

but there are still many netizens who don't buy it:

"Why don't you wait for a good recovery before you shoot?"

"how could a female star be so indulgent about her figure?"

once upon a time, there was always a great prejudice against women.

when the baby is born, the mother must appear in a beautiful state.

if you do not recover immediately, you will be questioned and ridiculed.

it is a woman's right to give birth, but it is never a woman's duty to keep fit after birth.

the perfect pregnant woman is just a hoax.

in a recent interview, Zhu Zhu admitted that she also wanted to lose weight, so she worked hard to recover after giving birth and eat a diet.

when filming, I take care of the baby and exercise with the coach at the same time, hoping that I can be in better shape.

but behind the efforts, people habitually choose to turn a blind eye.

who says a perfect figure must be a must for a mother-to-be?

belittling the figure of women after giving birth is the greatest evil of human nature.

any talk about how fast a woman can lose weight after giving birth will only cultivate morbid aesthetics, make more pregnant women suspicious of themselves and increase anxiety.

there may be countless reasons for childbearing anxiety, but the last thing my uncle wants to see is "getting worse" after delivery.

Please give more kindness and understanding.

do you still remember the little sister of the tumbler who became popular in Datang City in Xi'an?

in 2019, a video of a beautiful woman holding hands in Datang emerged on the Internet, which immediately became popular on the Internet and attracted a lot of people.

We know what is trendy, all our casual country wedding dresses are an absolute must -have. Our collections are versatile enough to suit any figure.

Feng Jiachen, the younger sister of the tumbler, also became popular all over the network.

three years later, Feng Jiachen was pushed into hot search again, but she was criticized.

recently, Feng Jiachen returned to the stage again, and some netizens posted a comparison between her video of her performance three years ago and her recent video.

pointed out that Feng Jiachen was in a bad state after giving birth, with drooping corners of his eyes and showing his old age.

many netizens exclaimed:

"it's really easy to tell the difference between being born and not being born when you can see that you have become a mother."

"so I will not give birth to anyone who likes to have a child."

"after giving birth, the whole person is very tired. The dissipation of collagen and the light in the eyes is visible to the naked eye. "

this kind of "appearance humiliation" to women after giving birth is grand, plausible, disgusting and indignant.

but things are getting worse and worse.

some people satirize her married life, sell child-bearing anxiety, and some even use Feng Jiachen to advertise.

forced by helplessness, Feng Jiachen had to send a long reply:

"getting married and having children is my own choice, and it does put pressure on me to have children and take care of my career and family.

what there is no light in the eyes, collagen loss, fat and thin, this is what every mother has to face, and can not be avoided. "

the lines are full of sincerity, and I can't help but be in awe.

I don't understand when a woman's appearance after pregnancy and giving birth has become a pastime topic for people after dinner.

Feng Jiachen is not the first postpartum mother to be ridiculed.

actress Hu XingerI've had this experience before.

on Valentine's Day, Hu Xinger posted a picture with her husband, her face brimming with happiness.

however, there are a lot of sarcastic voices in the comment area below:

"this aunt's face really let me down!"

"after giving birth, he is much older, with white hair and wrinkles, and your husband looks younger."

No one is qualified to ridicule whether it is getting out of shape, looking haggard, or getting old after delivery.

every mother has paid an inestimable price for her children.

it is already very difficult to give birth, so don't let them bear the aesthetic kidnapping of "white and thin". After all, every mother is not Superman.

the body anxiety and appearance anxiety brought about by childbirth have made many mothers exhausted and aggrieved.

but they have to bear more than that.

Tang Wei, who has always shown herself as a goddess, is deeply troubled.

in the interview, the host asked Lei Jiayin and Tang Wei: in the process of cooperation, what can't stand each other most?

Lei Jiayin blurted out:

"I can't stand her always going to the bathroom when she's in an exciting play;

when the emotion came, she said she had to go to the bathroom, and I had to brew it again. "

Tang Wei had to try to hide her embarrassment and embarrassment with laughter.

the host on one side asked Tang Wei doubtfully, "did you do it on purpose?"

Tang Wei apologized to Lei Jiayin with a guilty face: "really, I'm sorry."

as we all know, Tang Wei is elegant and knowledgeable, and has always been widely praised in the circle.

but she was plagued by leakage of urine after delivery, which became her unspeakable secret.

this kind of dull pain is even unbearable to outsiders and can only be borne alone and silently.

Tang Wei once said that after giving birth, the whole life has changed.

this change is not just about the body.

maybe "leaking urine" may feel like a joke in the eyes of many people.

however, there are definitely not a few women like Tang Wei who pay for giving birth.

Mary once shared her mental journey after giving birth in an interview.

in order to have a child, he once gained 190 jin, and his blood sugar rose during the whole pregnancy. Later, he gave himself an injection every day, only for the healthy birth of the child.

what makes her helpless is the leakage of urine after delivery.

"sometimes when you sneeze or get scared, you will unconsciously become incontinent, and the embarrassment and discomfort caused by this leakage can only be realized when you become a mother."

the impact of leaking urine on her, not only physical discomfort, but also caused great harm to her psychologically.

made a joyful comedian suffer from severe depression.

finally, in the company of my husband, I completely got out of that difficult time.

once, some people questioned these questions:

"as for it, is it so serious that it is so hypocritical to have a child?"

Uncle just wants to say that the best choice is to shut up without suffering from others.

mothers survive to conceive in October and live to death.

in the end, he was trapped in the anxiety caused by childbirth.

Zhan Qingyun once said such a sentence in "wonderful work":

"Why am I afraid of marriage and childbearing?

because everyone around me has shown me that the standard of women as a superman is set there. "

giving birth is never easy. I thought that having a baby was the end of pain, but it was the beginning of pain.

because, in addition to giving birth, women have been bound by all kinds of prejudices and even attacked.

We cannot praise mothers for their greatness and put the shackles of worldly prejudice on her at the same time.

every mother deserves to be respected, understood and cared for.


, cheer for every mother, they deserve applause and flowers, but also deserve to be treated gently.