2023, the top lifestyle (in-depth good text)
2023, the top lifestyle (in-depth good text)
In the new year, may you ride the wind and waves all the way and get what you want.



Jiang Jie of the Song Dynasty had a poem in "A cut Meizhou Crossing Wujiang River":

"streamers are easy to throw people away, red cherries and green plantains."

the years passed, the vicissitudes of life, and another year passed in the blink of an eye.

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suddenly found that people come and go like shuttles.

some people are on their way in a hurry, in a panic, while others stroll around and look at it as they walk.

everyone's life is a mixture of sweat and tears, somewhat helpless and insipid.

different life paths lead to different destinations in the world of mortals.

different contingency patterns lead to different life outcomes.

the best way of life in 2023 is: no delusions in the heart, no foolishness in the body, and no lies in the mouth.

in awe, cultivate self-cultivation and live a thorough life.

in a moment, it is the turn of the years, at the beginning of the new year.

in the new year, let us enrich ourselves and improve ourselves.

live a life like a tree and blossom and reap a new life.

the heart is not delusional

during the Spring and Autumn period, General qu Xian of the State of Chu returned home after defeating the fierce and plagiaristic state.

after his achievements, he has since been defiant, and all the ministers in the dynasty have turned a blind eye to it.

the following year, he was ordered to attack Romania, and General Doubobi saw him off.

when he came back, Doberby whispered to the coachman:

"General qu walks with his feet held high and cocky. He is so arrogant that he is expected to lose the battle."

then, Doubobi urgently asked to see the King of Chu, expressed his point of view, and begged for reinforcements.

unexpectedly, when the surge of troops arrived, the situation was already irreparable.

because of belittling the enemy, qu Xian ventured and was attacked on both sides. In the end, he was defeated.

having no face to the elders in his hometown, he had no choice but to hang up the southeast branch.

people with larger patterns are more able to put themselves in the right position and face reality; the more ignorant people are, the more arrogant and stubborn they are.

those who can recognize themselves have hills in their chest and the universe in their eyes; they will not sink because of fame and wealth, nor will they lose their manners because of pride.

in the Spring and Autumn period, the thinker Chen Zhongzi regarded fame as dirt and indifferent to fame and wealth.

one day, the king of Chu sent a heavy gift to invite him as a prime minister, and Chen Zhongzi discussed with his wife:

"what do you think of the day when there are carriages in and out, and delicacies in meals?"

he thought his wife would be overjoyed, but her wife only gave him a faint look.

then say to him:

"No matter how luxurious the carriage is, you only have a seat;

No matter how delicious the food is, you can only eat as much as one person.

but troubled times are full of disasters, and they are often worried about their lives, so they are not as carefree as my husband's piano and book. "

after hearing this, Chen Zhongzi opened up and politely declined the King of Chu.

since then, he stayed away from the imperial court, devoted himself to writing, and established the "Yuling School".

Wang Yongbin said in the Night talk around the stove:

"if the Duke of Zhou is not arrogant or stingy, how can he be proud of his talent?"

it would be self-sufficient to learn if there is nothing wrong with it. "

people who are really talented are low-key and modest, while those who are arrogant tend to be self-righteous.

the weak can't see the reality clearly, while the strong can see their own shortcomings in others.

the real strength of a person is that he dares to recognize himself after facing reality.

accidental success is only due to luck; only when the heart is not delusional can we take a correct posture; only when we keep our feet on the ground can we move forward steadily.

New year, neither arrogant nor belittling, both confident and self-conscious, will certainly usher in his own highlight moment.

do not act rashly

Han Ying in the Han Dynasty has a saying in Volume 9 of the Foreign Biography of Korean Poems:

"A lust is the horse that pursues misfortune."

desire is like a bottomless gully, which can never be filled even if it is filled all the time.

if you use it well, it is the driving force for progress; if you indulge, you will ruin your future.

driven by desire to go to tragedy, is the greatest misfortune of a person's life.

in Journey to the West, there is a story about Huang Lijing.

one night, the yellow lion essence from Tiger mouth Cave in Baotou Mountain was sitting idle outside the courtyard when he suddenly saw the light in the air.

so he drove up the clouds and looked in the air to see where the brilliance came from.

finally, it was found that there were three weapons in the palace.

he was so overjoyed that he immediately took the three weapons back into the hole.

he and Bajie Sha Wujing, disguised as demons and hawkers selling pigs and sheep, came to the door.

then he invited the ancestor of Jiulingyuan to help him and a group of lion spirits to help him.

not wanting to play this time, Wukong pulled out all the hairs on his arms and turned into thousands of little monkeys.

not only captured six lions alive, but also directly killed the yellow lion spirit.

because of his lust for three weapons, Huang Lion ended up being skinned and eaten together with six lions, which ended miserably.

there is a lot of pain in the world, born of desire, and only if the body does not act rashly, it will not be destroyed.

there is a saying:

"people controlling desire is a comedy, desire controlling people is a tragedy."

what really destroys a personIt is not material poverty, but a black hole in which desire expands.

those who are successful can not only accept the gains and losses of life, but also underestimate the weight of desire.

they know how to be contented, do not insist on unimportant things, divert their attention in time, and focus on the goals they pay attention to.

consider carefully, do not miss a step; obey the law, not be swayed by desire.

calm down, do not act rashly, life will usher in a new situation.

Don't talk nonsense

Zeng Guofan once said:

"Don't act willfully, don't speak freely."

in life, think more about what you say, or it will easily come out of your mouth.

in the Wei and Jin dynasties, there was a family that was very rich.

before going out, the owner told the bookboy, "if anyone wants to stay, just arrange a partial room."

Unfortunately, after the owner left, there happened to be several passers-by sleeping.

after arranging the guest room, the bookboy can't help boasting:

"look at our house. Not only the house is beautiful and spacious, but also we have a lot of wealth and countless jewels."

after hearing this, passers-by suddenly snatched the jewels and left.

unexpectedly, the bookboy said:

"you villains, you will not spare me when my master comes back!"

as a result, several gangsters came back and set the house on fire, and the bookboy was also buried in the fire.

because of his open-mouthed show-off, the bookboy has led to the disaster of arrogance.

Gui Guzi has something to say:

"the way of saints lies in hiding and hiding."

people in this life, even if the family tired of daughter, outstanding talent to be proud of, but if you do not know how to restrain, it will lead to unexpected disasters.

during the Qing Dynasty, there was a craftsman named Yang Ba in Tianjin who knew everything about tea.

one day, Li Hongzhang came to inspect and accompanied the officials to deliver a bowl of Yangba's tea.

everyone was very puzzled, but Yang Ba saw Li Hongzhang's mind.

Li Hongzhang was angry because he mistakenly thought there was dirt on the tea.

but how to explain it?

Yangba wants to:

"can neither explain dirty things, nor can we say that Lord Li is ill-informed."

in a hurry, he knelt and kowtowed and said:

"your Majesty is angry! I don't know what adults like, but you don't like crushed sesame seeds.

Yang Ba's explanation immediately made Li Hongzhang understand and appreciate him very much.

not only saved Li Hongzhang's face, but also Yang Ba rescued himself.

there is a saying in Cai Gentan:

"it may not be surprising in nine out of ten languages, but if one word is not right, it is a parallel set."

speaking is an instinct, but speaking is a skill. It's not about talking much, it's about how to say it.

expose the dilemma of others, expose the embarrassment of others, what is lost is your own self-cultivation.

Don't expose other people's weaknesses and don't show off your strengths.

it is a person's top EQ to build a ladder to others at the right time.

disaster comes out of the mouth, words to the mouth to keep three points, in order to protect yourself.

Don't get into trouble, but also build a moat of interpersonal relationships.

there is a saying in Historical Records:

"misfortunes never come, but blessings do not come in vain."

everyone's misfortune and misfortune have cause and effect;

the circumstances in life are tailor-made for you.

the difficult problems of survival, the safety of relatives, and the troubles of the outside world are all thanks to our fate.

when you encounter difficulties and obstacles, life becomes heavier and heavier; the more ups and downs it goes through, life will change.

when you withstand the tests of life, the rest of your life will be more dazzling.

the top lifestyle in 2023 is:

recognize yourself and live in the present; keep your mind steady and think twice; keep your mouth shut and be measured.

plough deeply inward, grow toward the sun, and enjoy the complacency of the breeze and the moon.

, in the new year, may you have the key to your own life, ride the wind and waves all the way, and get what you want.