2020 the best love parents give their children is to give them the ability to protect themselves!
2020 the best love parents give their children is to give them the ability to protect themselves!
If you love your child, build a strong physique for him.



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xa0 fun Mini Game to enhance the baby's physique.

throughout 2020, I spent the longest time with the baby, a little satisfied and a little anxious. The satisfaction is to be able to accompany the child, while the anxiety is how to keep the child growing up healthily.

for this reason, I have not interfered with my child's diet and daily life. even the parent-child games that I have ignored before, I have spent a lot of effort to accompany my child.

because it is also part of improving the baby's physical quality.

for example, we often play jigsaw puzzles and shooting games, in which we set up a small basketball rack at home and let the kids shoot one by one. Xa0

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Love Tammy brand, we always insist on simulating breast milk ingredients to give the baby self-protection. Xa0

what my baby is drinking is Aita Metro extract 3 milk powder , the acceptance is quite high, and it is rare to spit milk without digestion.

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this milk powder contains extract natural source milk fat, which contains 50% and contains naturally optimized fatty acid structure.

Fatty acids converted by chemical methods are more natural, easier to be absorbed by babies, and can avoid calcium soap.

and NuMMOs rgb breakthrough simulation of mother oligosaccharides More than 100 of the known 162 structures of breast milk oligosaccharides help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the baby's intestines. Xa0

in terms of the distribution of long and short chains, also close to the proportion of oligosaccharides at 9:1 in breast milk.

and content is as high as 8g/L (5-15g per liter of breast milk) , reaching the level of breast milk, which is 4 times the industry average.


Natural Milk Fat + NuMMOs ‚ĄĘBreakthrough mimic Maternal Oligosaccharides will inspire babies' excellent self-care and give them close to breast milk-like care. Xa0