18 tips for having a good state
18 tips for having a good state
Only by managing your sleep well can you control your life well.





the time of life 1 stroke 3 is spent in sleep.

but it determines the state of life during the day.

it is true that you live your life as you sleep.

Sleep Revolution, once said:

"A really good person will take the initiative to control the pace of his life and improve his sleep quotient, so that he can deal with work and life in a positive state.


manage your sleep well in order to control your life.

share 18 sleep tips to keep you in good shape no matter how busy you are.

relieves brain fatigue and contributes to deep sleep

in the book concentrated Sleep, he once said:

"brain fatigue is one of the reasons for light sleep and poor sleep quality."

if you want to sleep deeply, you need to learn to relieve your brain fatigue.

1) Massage on the head can effectively eliminate brain fatigue

traditional Chinese medicine once said that the head is "the first of Zhuyang and the clan of a hundred veins", which brings together important acupoints and veins.

there are too many benefits of massaging the head. Rubbing the scalp with your fingers or combing the scalp with a comb every morning or before going to bed can not only relieve brain fatigue, but also help to sleep.

and a good night's sleep will make your mind clearer and do things with ease.

2) work once an hour to relieve fatigue

if you walk for a long time without rest, you will walk more and more slowly.

in fact, you can only walk faster if you take a rest.

work for an hour and rest for ten minutes.

stretch, or tidy up the table, or meditate for a few minutes, or stretch, or leave the station to talk to colleagues.

A short break can not only give a full rest to a brain running at high speed, but also relieve brain fatigue and make work more efficient.

3) sort out your thoughts before you fall asleep

if you don't have peace of mind, you won't sleep.

an irritable heart will disturb the order of sleep.

and the mind is at ease, so that all the organs of the body can fully rest when they fall asleep.

calm your emotions before going to bed, put aside all kinds of messy thoughts, neither sad nor happy nor angry.

A quiet brain and a peaceful mood are the best state of sleep.

4) keep a diary to increase the vibration frequency;

before you go to bed, write down the people, things and things you want.

when you have help in your work, be grateful to save yourself time; someone is deliberately angry with you and be grateful for giving yourself a chance to be aware of and reflect on it.

constant gratitude can not only increase the frequency of vibration, but also improve interpersonal relationships.

5) listen to music and relax your brain

Leonard. Dr. Horowitz once said:

"528 Hz is the frequency that links your heart, your soul and nature, which he calls the frequency of love."

in your spare time, listen quietly to a piece of music of 528 hertz, and you will feel a wave of love melodies pervading and surrounding you.

inadvertently, it releases the anxiety, impetuosity and pressure that have been squeezed for a long time.

if you are more careful, your brain will relax and your sleep will be better.

6) go to bed before 11:00

once saw a speech by TED, which tells a point of view:

only when you have a regular schedule and go to bed on time can your brain get a chance to rest.

going to bed before 11:00 every night not only gives the body a full rest, but also provides the brain with the best time to rest and think clearly the next day.

minor habits can improve sleep quality

7) get up early in the morning and have a glass of warm water

after overnight metabolism, the human body will be in a state of lack of water.

and the lack of water in the brain can lead to a decline in thinking ability or inattention.

A cup of warm water in the morning can not only replenish water to the brain, but also stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and smooth the body.

if you devote yourself to a day's work with full spirit, you will go to sleep smoothly at night.

8) relax the body regularly;

Sleep is the best way for the body to relax, but when the body is tired, it will increase the burden of sleep.

intestinal tract, which undertakes the work of nutrition absorption, also plays a key role in relieving defecation.

lying in bed in the morning or before going to bed and massaging the abdomen can not only accelerate intestinal peristalsis and improve human immunity.

the body is lighter and the work can be smoother during sleep.

9) moderate exercise;

the Sleep Foundation has reported that moderate exercise can help you sleep deeply.

moderate exercise can relax muscles, relieve nervous brain, and release stress and negative emotions.

exercise is mainly aerobic exercise, walking, jogging, doing exercises.

exercise for 30-50 minutes at a time 2 hours before going to bed to keep the body slightly tired, it is easy to fall asleep.

10) bask in the sun for 10 minutes every day;

from 6am to 10:00 in summer and about 10:00 in winter, go outside to bask in the sun.

can not only regulate mood, but also work in a full state.

11) do not eat too many carbohydrates for dinner;

as the old saying goes, "if you have stomach discord, you will lie uneasy."

eating too much dinner will increase the burden on the operation of the intestines and stomach, which in turn leads to light sleep and poor quality.The status quo.

in particular, eating too many carbohydrates such as rice and pasta takes many times longer to digest than other foods.

suggest dinner: eat less and eat less carbohydrates.

12) stretch before going to bed to relax the body to help sleep;

do several groups of stretching movements before going to bed, which can not only relieve the soreness of all parts of the body, but also relax the body.

to the shoulder and neck, arms, back, waist, legs. Can be stretched.

when the body enters a soothing and relaxing state, it will speed up the speed of falling asleep.

improve sleep environment and fall asleep quickly

13) buy a comfortable mattress pillow

Shakespeare once said: "comfortable sleep is naturally given to people, gentle and missed care."

and a comfortable bed is the key to comfortable sleep.

Life 1 stroke 3 time is lying in bed, be sure to choose their own mattress and pillow, to provide the best conditions for sleep.

to live up to your hasty life.

14) comfortable temperature and humidity in the bedroom are important

the bedroom temperature that helps to sleep comfortably should be 22-23 degrees in winter and 25-26 degrees in summer.

the details are fascinating and different, just feel the temperature of "a little bit cooler".

Indoor humidity is more comfortable when it is between 50% and 60%.

the more comfortable the sleeping environment is, the higher the sleep quality is.

15) use reading instead of reading your cell phone late at night

if you look at the phone before going to bed, the bright light from the phone will be judged by the brain during the day, thus inhibiting the secretion of melatonin, making it difficult to fall asleep.

and forming the habit of reading before bed can not only increase the amount of reading, but also improve sleep and kill two birds with one stone.

16) keeping the bedroom clean can improve the quality of sleep

messy bedrooms and dusty environments can make it difficult to relax and distract people from falling asleep.

floors, walls, wardrobes, especially under the bed, are places where dust is stored and should be cleaned frequently.

the room is clean, which makes people feel happy and naturally helps to sleep.

17) turn off the lights in the bedroom and keep it dark;

Light is a very important factor in keeping the body awake.

if the eyelids feel the presence of light, the brain will remain partially awake, unable to fully relax, affecting the quality of sleep.

be sure to turn off the lights when you sleep and keep the bedroom dark.

and darkness also causes the brain to release more melatonin, which allows you to fall asleep quickly.

18) skillfully use aromatherapy to help sleep;

some research institutions have tested that after inhaling 10% aromatherapy, the body will significantly relax and the amplitude of alpha wave of EEG increases.

and alpha waves enhance the brain's rapid entry into a state of calm.

before going to bed, light an aromatherapy candle in the room to fill the air with aroma, stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, relieve tension and improve sleep quality.

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Why are we sleeping? it says

"the most effective thing we can do to get our brains and bodies back to their best health is to sleep."

in fact, people who really live well and work efficiently understand the importance of sleep.

because you are energetic, you can deal with the busy life during the day calmly.

when people reach middle age, they have the ability to sleep on headrest and the physique of deep sleep, which is a person's greatest wealth.

I wish you and I both have a good dream tonight.