15 words break through the wall of your heart, read you and you will be fully understood.
15 words break through the wall of your heart, read you and you will be fully understood.
What makes our lives better is that through reason, we see clearly the nature of things and make changes.



although people do not live by reason, if they know more truth, they may break through some wall in your mind.

if the heart wall is broken through, people will live a more thorough and clear life.

these 15 sentences, persist in reading, hope to enlighten you.


time is not medicine, but medicine is in time.


it is said that time can dilute everything and cure everything.

but in fact, what dilutes everything is that we gradually think through and open up, and what cures everything is our own indifference and indifference.

time itself has no healing function, but we need time to heal.


growing up is a process of constantly upgrading. As long as you are alive, there will be no customs clearance in this game.


Life is not done once and for all. At every age, there are problems and problems that need to be dealt with.

Don't try to escape, skip one of them.

you think you skipped it, but it doesn't. It will follow you to the next level, the next level.

then, it accumulates into greater difficulties until it drags you down.

so, to face up to everything in the present, to escape is to make trouble for yourself in the future.


interesting is more important than meaningful.


many people like to ask questions about meaning.

the meaning of work, reading, making money, love, life, and so on.

but in fact, life is just a long time, how can there be so much meaning?

instead of looking for meaning, make every day interesting.

make sure every day is interesting, interesting, and the meaning of life slowly becomes apparent.


ideas are not at the same height, and there is no need to persuade each other.


if you can, try not to convince others, because you are likely to be disappointed.

especially people whose values, patterns and cognition are not at the same level.

the eagle said to the well frog, "the sky is very vast, come out and have a look!"

the well frog will not believe it, but it will only disdain: "how big can it be? it's nothing more than the size of dozens of wellheads. What's the big deal?"


explain this kind of thing and make yourself look like a sinner.


explanations are sometimes superfluous.

you think you are explaining and clarifying, but in the eyes of others, you are denying and sophistry.

people who believe and understand you don't have to explain. It's no use explaining if you don't trust people who don't understand you.

the most important thing is that when you explain, you make yourself look like someone who really made a mistake.


the reason why others can hang things in your heart is because you have a hook first.


you are the answer to everything.

when anything happens, don't rush to look for answers, ask yourself inside: what have I done?

A word from others can make you furious, and an action can make you furious.

is often not someone else's fault, it is your own heart that admitted that he was right, right to your point, so you became angry.

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if you want others to add icing on the cake for you, you have to become Jin first.


there are conditions for people to help and praise people.

No one wants to help a person who is idle and lazy.

No one wants to praise a person who does not strive for progress and muddles along.

if you want others to fulfill you, you must first show sincerity and strength to make others feel that it is worth helping you.



you are annoyed because you don't know what to do.

and do not know what to do, in fact, there is not really no way, just worried that the consequences of this method, will make themselves unbearable.

therefore, it is because of fear that it is annoying.


there is no such thing as not responding, only responses that you don't understand.


not talking and answering questions is a response.

it's just that we are used to answering questions and forgetting that there are other ways to respond, called silence and interruptions.


expecting to change immediately is an expression of self-hatred.


expecting change is often a matter of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

and expect to change immediately, usually so dissatisfied with the status quo that you don't want to wait for a minute.

on the surface, this is dissatisfaction with the real environment, but in fact it is an abomination to oneself.


Don't beautify the road you haven't taken.


that's what people do. If they don't get anything, they feel good about it.

the road you have not traveled and the life you have not experienced will gradually become cinnabar in your heartMoles.

because there is no experience, it is full of beautiful fantasies.

in fact, all roads are the same, good and bad, and no road is full of flowers all the time.


A big secret of happiness: you don't want to know about other people's business.


psychologists say that all people's troubles and pain come from interpersonal relationships.

Happiness gets closer to you when you leave others behind and focus on yourself.


the best way to be lazy is to do it well at once.


the more you don't want to do anything and don't bother to do anything, the more you have to try to do it all at once.

because you can't do it well, you have to do it again, which will double the pain.

so once done, one step in place, you will be free from follow-up troubles, which is precisely the most diligent laziness.


frustration is that God is planning something for you in the longer term, but I can't tell you yet.


every setback is an opportunity for change.

Don't complain, don't be discouraged, frustration is not God punishing you, but helping you.

when you are not afraid of difficulties and ride out difficulties, you can see what gifts are hidden for you in the blind box of fate.


confession is to show the relationship, not to ask for it.


confession is to tell the other person that I like you and let him know what you mean.

whether the other party accepts it or not and how to deal with your confession is his business, and you can't force it.

so, saying is not equal to having, and confession is not equal to possession.

the determination of the relationship requires the consent of both parties.

I think that as long as I confess my love, I can confirm the relationship. This is wishful thinking.

some people say that they have heard a lot of reasons, but they still can't live a good life.

it's not the fault of reason, but because we've only heard of it.

there is still a long way to go between hearing about it and thinking about it and doing it.

reason cannot directly make our lives better.

what makes our lives better is that we see clearly the nature of things and make changes through reason.

I hope these words can enlighten you somewhat.