11.11 "CP parenting is coming." behind the collective liberation of baby mothers, the truth is.
11.11 "CP parenting is coming." behind the collective liberation of baby mothers, the truth is.
Can parenting also form a CP? Learn this trick, take the baby easy in a second.



all stop tutoring their children behind closed doors, or solve parenting problems online in the group, and start underground alliance activities instead.

and Mingming, who has always lived in seclusion, goes in and out of her friend's piano room every now and then, which makes the egg mother wonder if the sun is coming out in the west.

because Arvin can't stand it.Every day, when I was tutoring my daughter in her homework, I was tortured to death by the whims in her head-

"Why is there more than the bottom? where is the fish?"


from then on, I don't have to be abominably tortured by the broken spoken language of eggs every time, and she doesn't have to face her daughter's 100 thousand reasons every day, which is not a match made in heaven ~

but after hearing this, she is still a confused egg mother, but it raises a big question: when will the baby have to group CP, and this kind of pink circle" evil force "also began to raise its claws to the baby circle?

in this regard, my best friend explained to me helplessly that CP parenting is a complementary parenting of whether you have or not, and I have your advantages, and this is more targeted than the sharing model.

for example, at home, we often need a good cop and a bad cop to achieve the balance of parenting, which is the same as taking advantage of their respective advantages to tutoring children. There is no repetition of roles, only complementary ability.

for example, a child's milk powder and diapers have always been necessary and expensive items in the family, but she often takes care of one or the other and is unable to prepare them in time, but if a combination buys it, it will certainly increase the convenience of parenting.

happily, after walking around, my girlfriend finally found a like-minded ally- JD.com Mother and Infant launched brand CP activity on 11.11, starting from the child's nutrition and health, and combining their respective characteristics to gather four CP good things to help baby mothers exquisite parenting.


Youya Alliance, must choose

CP Index: ★★★★☆

composed of Eunica and Abbott has attracted the favor of many mothers as soon as it is sold.

because the super absorbent Eunica paired with ultra-organic Abbott Jingzhi milk powder, it can be called Wang fried combination, which can easily solve the child's nutrition, shit, urine and fart problems.

Yunijia Super instant absorption, composite core up to 12 hours absorption, as long as the baby to use a piece at night, you can easily hold overnight urine volume, the baby does not have trouble sleeping.

and its lightness and comfort are also very close to the baby's skin, and even the series is thinner than the original series.

what concept, probably worn on the baby's butt, is sometimes questioned by the mother-in-law whether it is magical not to wear diapers to the baby.

and our ultra-organic Abbott Jingxin Milk Powder , originating from organic farms in Denmark, each can is powdered once, so that without the loss of nutrients caused by secondary processing, good nutrients can flow into the baby's belly.

the key is that the two good things that come with buff not only show their own characteristics, but also sympathize with each other, and it is easy to talk about local love words.

naturally locked Eunice tells Abbott " loves you ", while the shy Abbott only replied, " wants to be with you " and completed the Jedi anti-provocation.

natural and organic Abbott pure milk powder, when met with the super absorbent Unita with complex core, is bound to produce a wonderful chemical reaction to help the baby grow up healthily!

Lezan partner, Wisdom Nutrition

Egg moms always think that" fun growth "is the most important gift for our children.

if you want children to grow up healthily and happily, nutrition and health naturally cannot be ignored, but more importantly, how to skillfully help them develop their brainpower and improve their intelligence.

this Letzan partner, which consists of Mead Johnson and Lego , thoughtfully get to this point. Lego bricks can not only play, but also promote the baby's intellectual development, coupled with the nutritional blessing of Mei Zanchen, isn't it fun growth?

small not only is it imported from the Netherlands, the nutrition is delicious, the small package is also easier to carry, and you don't have to worry about the waste caused by the baby's inexhaustible consumption, and take good care of the baby's short-term needs.

and the big Lego blocks , which contains countless wonderful ideas. Different arrangements and combinations of building blocks can transform colorful elements of children's paradise and stimulate the baby's imagination.

in the process of putting together, the baby can also experience the fun of role interpretation, and parents can also participate in it to make the parent-child time more intimate.

I have to say, such a brand alliance can only be described as "invincible". You see, the small canned Mezansen is sitting on the Lego spliced Children's Paradise, whether it is a moment of CP sensation.


Hobao Union, rainbow fart boasting all the time

CP Index:

after having a baby, every mother is a hidden boast of her teammates.

not only praise other people's children in fancy styles, but also automatically divide the camps with the good things that guard the baby, and become star partners who can't stop boasting about the baby. For example, CP , which is composed of good Boys and Junlebao, has recently become the object of friends' praise.

because of their cross-century cross-century hand-in-hand, they have created a new washing and feeding combination.

naturally delicate and energetic Jun Le Bao Le Platinum Milk Powder , not only the milk source is well selected, but also the pasture is adjacent to the factory, which ensures the freshness of the milk powder to a certain extent, and the specially added 3.5g OPO is closer to every step of the baby's growth.

good baby wipes , extract plant olive essence, in addition to daily cleaning, but also play a soothing effect, which is not too friendly for sensitive babies.

every time you rub, your fingers feel tender and smooth, and there is no dry wrinkle. Parents can rest assured that they can use it for their children ~

so, between two things with" personal charm ", it can be so wonderful to boast each other.


Beautiful CP is a natural pair of

CP Index: ★★★★☆

you see Maisujiaer and curiosity of" royal "blood, they feel a bit of competing for hegemony with each other. Curious diapers with royal dragon lines think they are the most domineering, while Royal Mae Sujiar, who comes from her own ranch in the Netherlands, thinks she has a pedigree stick ~

but in fact, their wonderful combination is a real match, both have pure pedigree, and have matching strength to protect the healthy growth of children.

the Royal first Milk Source, which is rich in three affinity milk fat nutrients, can take good care of the baby's delicate intestines and stomach.

and has always focused on the breathable and light curious about diapers , royal platinum diapers are also launched this time, which not only doubles the texture of silk, but also makes the air permeability feel more comfortable because of tens of thousands of fine vents.

so, these two arrogant babies can finally be attracted by their respective charm and make a romantic agreement to travel the world affectionately together.

generally speaking, although the four kinds of CP have different styles, they all provide a super blood upgrade point after taking into account the nutrition of the baby, making it easier for mothers to raise children.

, and in order to make everyone feel better about the wonderful use of the good things Alliance, JD.com also gave everyone a super value combination discount.

and a limited gift box set.

Pikachu restricted style curious platinum diapers,

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