10 little things to boost happiness
10 little things to boost happiness
May you start from small things, step by step, and manage your own happy life.


when the chill is strong, Yangchun has already returned.

the gains and losses, successes and failures of the past year have all returned to dust.

A brand new year is pregnant with infinite vitality.

if you want to make your life better and better this year, you might as well start with these 10 little things.


go to bed early and get up early

I quite agree with one sentence:

"Love life, do not need any big truth, early to bed and early to get up, step by step efforts, will gradually become a better self."

going to bed early can block out the noise and anxiety of the outside world.

rest the body and wash the mind.

get up early, let you have the morning sun all over the world, breathe the freshest air in the day, and make you full of energy.

one's self-discipline begins with going to bed early and getting up early. The bad habit of idleness will be overcome and the bad mood of anxiety will be diluted.

he who can tame himself to go to bed early and get up early will be able to tame his dazed life.

Don't let your instincts go to bed early and get up early, let yourself live in the sun and walk by light.


regular exercise

Stanford University concluded that

exercise can give the brain the ability to love, while regular exercise can help us better participate in life.

improve happiness.

what is regular exercise?

regular exercise refers to: 3 to 5 times a week, each time about 30 minutes, at least for more than 6 weeks.

fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, a whim of exercise will only consume your patience. Only regular exercise can improve your health and mental outlook.

physical and mental health, start with regular exercise.


manage image

most of the time, we hate to judge people by their appearance, but when a dirty hand reaches out, we will subconsciously avoid it.

your image often determines your weight in the hearts of others.

Schopenhauer said:

"A person's appearance is a picture of his heart, and his appearance expresses and reveals the characteristics of his whole destiny."

when a person reaches middle age, his state of life will be engraved into his image.

There is nothing more desirable than one of our latest wedding dresses. Large varieties of shapes and cuts for you to choose from.

people with a rich heart should not ignore the management of their image.

after all, it takes a long mental journey to see a noble mind, and a well-dressed and elegant image is often right in front of people.

at any time, managing a good image is an additional item.


get into work

one of the most effective ways to judge whether a person is reliable or not is to see whether he is physically and mentally committed to the job he is taking over.

people who work "spontaneous combustion" generally do not have mediocre people.

work is to cultivate one's own mind and survival ability to support poetry and distant life.

the difficulties that enable you to open your way, build bridges in the face of water, and try your best to overcome them will make you stronger.

No job is not hard, you have to survive; no job is unaggrieved, you have to hold on.

work is like a furnace for tempering life, either broken chicken and dog, dust and smoke all the way, or reborn in the fire and shining brightly.

your attitude towards work hides the height of your life.


regular savings

some people ask: when do people have sense of security most?

highly praised the answer: when there is money in the passbook.

there is a poor way of thinking that you don't know how to save money. Lack of wisdom to "bring plenty of food and prepare umbrellas".

Life is abnormal, the world is full of ups and downs, and people with safety reserve thinking are the wise men of life.

income is not much, the most important thing is to be aware of savings.

A way to share an disposable income:

divide each income into five parts: 30% for storage, 30% for living expenses, 20% for self-investment, 10% for entertainment, and 10% for relationship maintenance.

even if there is only 10,000 yuan a year, ten or twenty years, it is still a considerable income.

if you make yourself look good, you will try your best to make money; to make yourself decent, you will save money regularly.


keep reading

A good book is like a wise elder.

remind you to be humble when you are happy, and guide you to be tough when you are down.

it is never too late to start reading. Early in the morning, there is value in the early, and benefit in the evening.

the most important thing is to start now and stick to it for a long time.

when you read the classics all the way, you may not see any change in one month, but the topic will be different in two months, the conversation will be different in three months, and the aura of people will be different six months later.

Charlie Munger said:

"I have met all kinds of smart people from various industries in my life, not a single one who doesn't read every day, none."

the best way to get rid of vulgarity and stupidity is to read.


get used to saying "no"

have you ever had a time like this:

is clearly in a dilemma, but dare not refuse, for fear of leaving a rift in the relationship?

it is obvious that the force is not obedient.Heart, but do not dare to say "no", afraid to wipe away face?

the bankrupt Sisters says:

"in addition to talking about Yes, one should often talk about No.

although affinity is very important, human value comes from refusal. "

Adults, avoid self-depletion and start with the habit of saying "no".

"do not like, disagree, do not take", do not hide, direct refusal is better than procrastination.

A really good relationship will never embarrass you, and it doesn't matter to those who ignore your feelings.


Review before going to bed

writer Liu Yu said:

"refuses to reflect and let bygones be bygones, which often leads to an endless cycle of suffering.

A life without reflection is not worth living; a man who does not know how to reflect will live in vain. "

check yourself three times a day 10 minutes before going to bed.

leave troubles and regrets in yesterday; bring experiences and lessons to tomorrow.

lie in bed, close your eyes, let the impetuous heart settle down, attribute emotion to emotion, and return reason to reason.

think about the right and wrong, gains and losses of the day. Because, the lesson of the past is the teacher of the future.

keep looking back, so that you can see your small progress every day and fill the missing sense of meaning.

people with retrospective thinking have less confusion in life and more certainty in the pace of moving forward.


develop a sideline

read a sentence: "take the initiative to change in order to remain the same."

it is necessary and important to build a safety barrier in front of your body and open up a sideline that can be attacked and retreated.

the main business is generally closely related to survival, while the sideline is often more closely related to interests and hobbies.

the sideline of the combination of interest and expertise can make you have more sense of value.

A satisfactory sideline is one of the most effective ways to boost happiness.

it is recommended that every adult should make use of fragmented time to create a sideline that suits him.

you don't know when the basket with eggs will be knocked over. The wisest thing to do is not to put eggs in the same basket.

in the face of unexpected situations in life, a sideline is a way out for you.


be close to nature

writer Chi Zijian put it well: "my doctor is the breeze and running water, the sun, the moon and the stars."

this statement is confirmed by a study in the British journal Science report:

spend at least 2 hours a week getting close to nature, such as going to city parks, green spaces, suburban mountains or beaches, which is good for mental health.

when you go into nature, you can stretch your body and mind.

Man is the son of nature and should not be trapped in reinforced concrete squares for a long time.

Adults should know how to leave blank space in life, turn off their cell phones, block information, and give themselves back to themselves.

blow the wind in the wild, smell the flowers in the mountains, appreciate the vastness of the sea and enjoy the splendor of the mountains.

Nature has the function of calming emotions and healing people.

British writer Irving said:

"the purpose of all human efforts is to achieve happiness."

promoting happiness is an indispensable practice in life.

Happiness does not mean making great achievements or reaping a rich and noble life.

Happiness lies in our perception of the details of life.

when we try our best to manage the little things around us, we can feel that we are getting better and are nourished by a sense of happiness.

, may you start from small things, step by step, and manage your own happy life.

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