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Wake yourself up, control yourself and fulfill yourself.
Life tells us that the greatest person in the world is himself.
Behind all the things that are comfortable with each other, there is a quiet accomplishment.
What you have done to others will eventually be fed back to yourself.
What can open the gap in life more than EQ is closed-loop thinking.
Those who have closed-loop thinking are more trustworthy and can walk more steadily and go further in the pursuit of dreams.

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Why do I advise you not to live with your parents for a long time?
Growing up is actually a process of getting farther and farther away from your parents.
Half vulgar, half Zen, half fond, half deaf, half dumb, half confused.
Life can not be more satisfactory, everything is only half satisfactory.
When a person does not contact you or block you, there is only one reason.
What leaves is the scenery, but what is left is life.
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